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  1. Re your post on The Bobbers Mill crossing you and the chap who answered your post you are totally wrong with regards to some of the detail. I am Marie (nee Marshall) and I am the 3rd oldest of my 4 siblings. You were correct as far as our family name but were wrong in what you said about my mother. She didn't go around in an army greatcoat & boots pushing a "barrow" if your referring to my youngest sister Jaqueline  I know for a fact that she had a push chair, the only one of us that had special needs was my brother Peter who was 4th of the 5 of us, he suffered with a heart murmur from birth. I really would ask people to get their facts right before submitting throw away comments on other people's lives.

    The chap that said Peter had Callipers is also totally wrong, I don't know who he was talking about but it wasn't my brother!!

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    2. Jill Sparrow

      Jill Sparrow

      Freckles posted her recollections of who was on that photo as follows:


      Thank-you much appreciated.Going to try and put names to faces,teacher was called Mrs Peat or Peak not very nice.

      Back row left to right Leslie Smith lived in kirkstead street, ?,Susan ?,David?,Jeanie Pullen,Brian Marshall,Betty Green,Jeffery?, ?,next row

      Norma Sully ,?,ME,David Bull,?,David Lloyd,Jackie Bestow,Graham Pates,?,Brian Newstead,next row

      ? Janet?,Barry?,Wendy?,Richard?,Margaret?,Clive?,Marilyn Henson<?,?,?,next row

      Tommy Tattersel lived on pleasant row,?,Michael Scott,Gwen?,?,?,Freddie ? lived on pleasant row,and Patty Soar lived on pleasant row.

      Thats the best I can do.

      ? denotes name not remembered


      Might jog a few memories? She's referred to a Brian Marshall here but identified the boy as John Marshall in a later post.

    3. Rita


      Wow I was wrong! Although we do look alike and Freckles has clinched it so it is my sister Janet. Thank you. I know Betty Green she had a younger sister called Vivienne Green , were friends in Secondary school. Whereabouts is nut yard I can't recall the place?

    4. Jill Sparrow

      Jill Sparrow

      I wondered when I saw freckles had given the name Janet to the girl you thought was you.


      Nut Yard was somewhere off Cyril Avenue and is long gone.

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