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  1. One of my boys is called Adam, which you would think is hard to shorten, but his friends call him Adz!!!
  2. Compo. I think Ronco has been replaced by JML!!!!
  3. I can only remember back as far as the 70s, but when living with my Nan & Pop in Bilborough, we regularly had the Corona pop man round, and friday nights the chip van came round just in time to eat your chips and gravy whilst watching Auf Weidersehn Pet.
  4. I remember the riot down Alfreton Road/Radford Rd in the early 80s when I lived in Bladen Court flats off Norton St. All the shops at the top of Aspley Lane near my Nans boarded their windows and doors up in readiness for it reaching that far, but it never did.
  5. Born and raised in Nottingham but exiled during the 80s out east due to family move. Still have loads of family back home, but have found out more about my home city from the Nottingham Facebook page, cos lets face it, who cares about history when you're busy being a teenager? Looking forward to finding out loads more about my home town and maybe coming across a few old faces in the process.