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  1. Thanks for the information Cliff Ton and Anne of Aspley, I had already googled it but all I got was links to other newspaper pages on Genes Reunited and Find My Past. It would seem the club lasted a long time because the entries in the British Newspaper Archives run from the 1920s to the end of the 1940s. Regards Paul
  2. I have recently been scouring the British Newspaper Archives and have found an entry concerning my mother in the Nottingham Evening Post. Dated Thursday 29 April 1948 and under the heading "Tinker Bell's Thanks" my mother, amongst quite a few others, was thanked for their donations of stamps and silver paper. Unfortunately mum died last month so I am unable to ask her about it. Does anyone know who Tinker Bell was? And what the resulting donations were used for? Regards Paul
  3. Hi all. Due to various circumstances I have had to discontinue the Old Meadows website. I am hoping that it will only be a temporary situation but as yet have not decided what to do. I would like to thank everyone who has supported and contributed to the site over the last 11 years. People can still contribute to and contact on the Old Meadows Facebook page at
  4. I didn't know that there had previously been a shop on Arkwright street.
  5. In the late 60s and early 70s I was lucky enough to have an aunt who owned a hotel in Chapel St Leonards and was even luckier to be able to spend all the school holidays there up to the age of about 15. The main pirate radio station I remember from those days was Radio North Sea International, which I believe was broadcast just off that coast somewhere. Some nights the reception was better than others. On bad reception days I would listen to Luxembourg or the American Forces Network. Another pirate station which springs to mind, albeit much later was Laser 558, which I think broadcast on the
  6. I too spent many hours at the Mushroom bookshop. At the time I was "in to" Chariots of the Gods and such. I also had a copy of Supernature by Lyall Watson. I also used to visit the vegetarian store just around the corner, Ourobouros, I think it was. The Mushroom bookshop is now the Oriental Mart Chinese supermarket,
  7. I was only recently trying to remember the books we had to read at school. I was at Mundella 1968 to 1973. I can remember The Hobbit, Three Men in a Boat, Greenmantle ( a follow on from 39 Steps) and I think Pygmallion. We occasionally had to read parts out to the rest of the class and I remember when we were reading Three Men in a Boat at one particular part where the three are having a picnic by the river and having problems with a spirit stove the class, and the teacher were laughing so much no one was able to read. I would be interested to see if there is anyone at Mundella at the same t
  8. Hi Everyone. Just thought you might like to know that the Boer War plaque was finally found at the Industrial Museum at Wollaton Park. Regards Paul
  9. Barry Foster also lived in the Medders for a while as did Leslie Crowther, who was born in West Bridgeford. Leslie Crowther lived on Wilford Cresent close to the library.
  10. Hi everyone. I've not been on Nottstalgia for a while but thought I'd let you all know that a problem with the link to the homepage at should now be fixed. Also I can be contacted on the oldmeadows facebook by typing "" in the facebook search box. I look forward to catching up with some of the threads I've missed. Paul
  11. Hi All, I've been trying to find the ROF NOTTINGHAM website. I know it disappeared for a while but I am almost sure It came back. I can not find it at the old url or on google. Does anyone know what's happened to it? Regards Paul
  12. Hi everyone, I am having a problem getting the attached images to open. (They won't open at all). Is it just me or is it a forum problem? Regards Paul
  13. Thanks for that Littlbro. From the map I can see it's not where I thought but further up the road. I shall have to go and have a look at it sometime Regards Paul
  14. I am looking for information about a building used as a nursing home or similar establishment in the 1930s. The address of the building was 17 Annesley Road, which I think, was between the old Co-Op building and an old church. The rear of the establishment was on Ogle Street. It could be the the building that has now been converted to apartments. If possible I would like to know the name of the establishment and if it was a council or private operation. Any information would be appreciated Regards Paul
  15. The old Meadows web site first went live on the web on 1st January 2003. Since then there have been over31,000 visitors to the site. Recently, however, many people have experienced difficulty in accessing the site so as a result I decided to remodel the site completely. The first phase of that is now on-line and ready to be seen. I have many pages to add over the next few weeks. Hopefully the new menu should work correctly although some of the links are not yet live. As with previous editions of the site, if you have any photographs or memories that you would like put on the site, if you would