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  1. Hi, Adrian Adams here (Adi) . Mr Sergeant was music teacher then - early on. My family ( at least my dad and I ) went to Oz (Toowoomba) in July 66. Parents broke up. I was in ACHS from 62 I think to 66 . There was a Penny but she had 'boyfriend ' Michael Butt , who was new to the school. Michael Samuelson (Sam) doted on Penny. I met up with Glenys Edmunds years later and we had a relationship - me going back and her coming here. Gillian Bales was also in Aylward I think. My mates were Rob Redmile, Jeff Sellars, Mick Flint, Andris Vasolevskis, Johny Joyce, Paul Livock ( a grade above me) now a
  2. Hi, Barrett, Welcome I don't recognize the name - is that you Paul? ? I still have to post all my report papers on here , I've got them all, just don't have the time. Let me know who Barrettkeller is? Please. Adi.
  3. I was born in 1950 , Things changed so quickly from then. My grandmother , hairdresser shop in Vernon Road Basford , moving to W. Bridgford , I still remember the smell of that shop, ammonia, perms etc, She still ran the shop.. And the devolopment of W Bridgford towards Edwalton beyond Valley Road. Things calmed down after that initial growth in 1950 -53 and I was able to play anywhere , over Ridgeway Close to the fields and , in the Summer, the gypsies and the horses, and the woods behind the pub, the Meadow Covert. All gone now. Housing tracts. Which is probably what they thought in 1951. T
  4. I remember the Globe, near the bridge, We called it the flea pit, no idea why,?. But on Saturday mornings catch a 21 bus from West Bridgford, or walk, and see FLASH GORDON , Killed!! Then next week - HE WAS ALIVE t'was amazing ! Was it the Odeon near the Square , used to be called the Ritz, - I saw The Searchers, Freddie and the Dreamers, The Dakotas, Etc there. My mother saw Shirley Bassey there and others and Adam Faith AND in Central Avenue was one of the best jazz clubs in UK , the Dancing Slipper, with Johny Dankworth and Chloe Lane . My mother saw Julie Andrews aged 12 at the Em
  5. Maureen was Glenys's best friend. Penny was in Roosevelt and Sam (robert Samuelson) had a crush on her until Michaeal Butt took over. THE GLOBE, that was it , THE Flea Pit we called it. Was Martin Bayley the boy who hung around the girls - just perhaps a bit girlish? Could be some one else - there was one.
  6. Was there one in Arkwright St , down near London Road and Trent bridge. Remeber every Sat morning seeing Flash Gordon , being resurected from certain death the week before.
  7. Am I able to download photos, report cards JPEG or PDF onto a post here ? Would be great. Have all my report cards and the 63 Arnold High photo off Friends Re-united + my own photocopy. If any one has an original of any school photos please do tell me. Am bringing my thoughts together to relate my Arnold High experience. It takes time as other memories come as you relive events and you remember things LONG forgotten. In the back f your mind - I have to write them down. I think I really "skimmed" the whole experience , because of troubles at home. Coming back from Austria I was taken to anoth
  8. Everyone called me Adi. Was there with Rob Redmile Johny Joyce and Andy Vasilevsksis, Lap, (All from 2H) . I started I think in 63. Left afetr GCE's in 66 - went (sent) toAustralia. I had long hair from 3rd form, Wore cuban heel boots, My name was callede out at ecvery Assemby for long detention.thans to that awful man Spellman. No one played rugby. I remember that huge PE teacher trying to get us to play Union and we were confused -"what is this garbage?" and some of refused to play so , strangely he let us play proper football which we had played since being able to stand up. In 2H was Mich
  9. This are the details of the plane from one book - 467 Squadron Lancaster LM219 PO-G crashed near Saint Germer de Fly. Hit by fighter aircraft the Lancaster crashed at ‘Le Grand Montagny’ only two crew managed to jump and escape. F/L Robert W. Reynolds RAF (+), P/O John D. O’Driscoll (RNZAF) (+), Sgt Ronald J.Taylor (+), F/S Horace A. Cummins RAAF (+), F/S L.Jimmy G.Walsh RAAF (escaped), Stephen S.Adams RAAF (escaped), Sgt Gordon T. Tipping RAF (+), F/S Gilbert G. Podosky RAAF (+) Capt Bonham-Carter was Leader, my mother would have tea with him and his wife. She said he was lovely , kind
  10. My dad Steve Adams flew Lancasters from Waddington. Shot down in July 44? Must look it up. I have the plane number, and the mission - to blow up a rail tunnel entrance holding munitions. He was one of two who managed to bail out and survive. He was helped, sheltered by Maquis who gave him fake ID , I still have it, He had blonde hair though , used a lot of BMW bikes then, stolen from Germans. Have pictures of bikes and his log book, but pages torn out , probably RAAF intel, . Trained in Canada where more people died than in combat.
  11. This site wouldn't save my reply - too tired to write it all again.
  12. That would be really great. Always confused me that Forest were in the county (W. Bridgford) and County were in the City. Know any more about Rob.?
  13. Was twitchell a word used in other parts of Nottgm?
  14. I remember Peter Long was one of the first kids I met at the Valley Road pickup in W. Bridgford . He was a year , maybe 2, ahead of me. He lived almost next to the pickup point in Alford Rd, He had a great artistic talent. He was able to draw naked women from memory/scratch - I presume - ( brilliant master pieces to me at the time of course) - a great drawer - should have become an artist but I lost contact with him as time went on.We sat together on bus.usually as last on. Ralph had occupied the back seat which I wanted.