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  1. Hello Mick, I was Googling for something related to Brincliffe and your 2015 post on Nottstalgia popped up. Not sure if I’ve already spoken to you about it. 

    I was in the same class as your sister Val and together with Lynnette and Pat Jones often came to your house when you lived in Papplewick. 

    Please remember me to Val and tell her I’d love to hear from her. 

    Avril Molde was Smith

    1. BeestonMick




      There’s a bit of a gap between this and your message. I’ll pass on your wishes to Val. I do remember all you girls turning up, I must have been about 9 :mellow:


      Keep safe



  2. Beeston Mick- I realised it might be easier to contact me through Facebook. I am Avril Molde, so please send a friend request.
  3. Hi Mick, I am Avril (Smith). I was in the same class as your sister Val,Lynnette and Pat Jones. We used to come over to your house in Papplewick. I am in regular contact with Lynnette who lives in Canada and I see Pat every month. Would love to get in contact with Val. Please message me.