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  1. Hello Mick, I was Googling for something related to Brincliffe and your 2015 post on Nottstalgia popped up. Not sure if I’ve already spoken to you about it. 

    I was in the same class as your sister Val and together with Lynnette and Pat Jones often came to your house when you lived in Papplewick. 

    Please remember me to Val and tell her I’d love to hear from her. 

    Avril Molde was Smith

  2. BeestonMick

    What happend in your life time

    Yes but what's the need? I lived overseas for a good number of years, there weren't even faxes at the time never mind anti-social sites. I moved in to my house, met some of the locals and blended in with society. I kept in touch with my folks by mail and the odd 'phone call every now and again if I could get one of the lines available, there weren't that many. I'm tech and have always been tech but social sites I just don't get. I have two grandchildren I've never seen so I'm going to Canada in September to see them, that's much better than anything FB can offer. My opinion of course.
  3. BeestonMick

    What happend in your life time

    I tweet but not FB, I did but . . . I don't understand why people want to tell everyone what time they got up, what they had for breakfast, whether or not to wear a hat to go to the market etc. etc. We have a brilliant social network site very close to me, it's called a boozer!
  4. BeestonMick

    Car Number Plates

    NSU's were the dogs, I don't understand how they disappeared so quickly after all the mergers.
  5. BeestonMick

    Billy Fury Fans

    Go on!!
  6. BeestonMick

    If your life had a soundtrack . . .

    I reckon my bowel would much prefer the baton to the throttle - definitely.
  7. BeestonMick

    Employee handbook

    Hmm, thinking about it, that line would fit quite nicely in to a thrash riff
  8. BeestonMick


    I can act as almost anything but ball boy? I don't have to act, I'm a natural I'm still working so Thursdays are pretty much out of the question but come August 26th, new season, I'm there!!
  9. BeestonMick

    Bring back any memories?

    Haha, I'll bet but I was thinking more on the lines of: (woohoo, this is my 600th post)
  10. BeestonMick

    Bring back any memories?

    Obviously not man made, you must be an M&S girl? The bullet bra thing seems a bit, well, sexist to me as well as one sided. Is there nothing from the fifties or sixties we men can re-invent to project us in a different light?
  11. BeestonMick


    Really, I'm only down the road. I'd offer to pop up and give some support but you'd try to recruit me. In any case, it looks like I'll be getting a contract offer with NFC (Nottstalgia FC) It's not if, it's how when and as long as it's not on MY wing, there's enough of us there already Will there be a Mars bar option? I have a high metabolic rate, just sitting here thinking I'm burning a cream egg an hour.
  12. BeestonMick


    Stewy was a super hero in my eyes but Kenny Burns is my all time favourite. I don't wish I was playing now but I had great times. My footy career finished early, birds, booze and bifta's put an end to that Yep if you need a flying right winger (No.7 please) or an almost un-useable right back I'm your boy, left leg (barely) standing room only.
  13. BeestonMick

  14. BeestonMick

    Hemlock Stone

    The Duke of Portland's Horses rising from the dead at the Major Oak It's amazing what you can find when you look hard enough, what a great image.
  15. BeestonMick

    Hemlock Stone

    #24 - Yes that's right, that and the fact that some idiots set fire to it [The Major Oak] inside in the 80's. I seem to think it was punks that did it but I could be lying.