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  1. How beautiful, thank you for posting, Cliff Ton. I have never seen these before.. quite something.
  2. How on earth did you keep those crisp whites clean, Margie? The nurses always look so elegant and refined, times changed.
  3. There's a saying, Dave... "The sign of intelligence is that you are constantly wondering. Idiots are always dead sure about everything"
  4. Ayupmeducks, yes they are a big problem aren't they... and not a native species. You can thank those lot across the pond for bringing them over for hunting game, way back in the day. We have two farms in Northern Alberta that provide boar to the restaurant industry. A few got loose, thrived through the seasons and bred, they became an issue. Some towns offered $50 for each one killed so they are rare now but it needs watching as there's a lot of crown forest land up here for them to hide out on. I'm a big animal lover, but I am reasonable enough to understand that these
  5. loppylugs, I'm a suck, I can't do sad dog stories. I watch dog rescues on Youtube and I'm a blubbering mess, slays me every time.
  6. NewBasfordlad, Akitas are beautiful dogs, that's like owning your own bear, what a regal dog. Sorry for your loss, you must have years of wonderful memories of her. Yes, you would've been subject to going into everyone's homes and the mercy of the pets inside, can imagine. Ah, firearms, yes big changes on that front, law wise. My family is big into arms and I have a number of former Armed Forces friends and current police friends through work who are active in the local gun club. I just hosted a scotch party for the lads there - good fun! Myself, I'm partial to the
  7. Have to agree with you, NewBasfordlad. Never had an issue with a bully type breed going for me (though I'm not ignorant to say that they do not exist, of course they do) but I have on a couple of occasions been bitten by smaller dogs. A Dachshund bit my leg last year after it's owners didn't shut their gate and I walked past unsuspectingly. It's a double standard really, irresponsible owners of less powerful dogs are no less irresponsible than owners of bigger dogs (in my eyes at least) but because bigger dogs can cause more damage they and their owners are judged by a different y
  8. They aren't too common, katyjay. Seems in the US they are mostly owned in Texas by hunters due to the feral boar problem, apparently they do $millions worth of crop damage each year. Here's my boy in the tub, he's pouting because I wouldn't turn the tap on, a full bath tub is his best treat ever. http:// I'll keep other pics to the pet post as not to sway off topic!
  9. Mosquitoes here are stinkers, they'll chase you, relentless little buggers. There are man-made still water lakes/ponds in every new community, I myself live in a new lake community, beautiful place but it sure can bring them in. Ironically, it was living in Bridgeland where they were the worst, maybe is was still water pockets in The Bow River? Who knows, but wow it was bad there, I'd run for the train just to outrun them! Dogo Argentinos are not allowed in the UK but they are allowed in Canada. I'm torn to be honest, here’s why... I waited years to get my Dogo, waited u
  10. Hoping you're right as rain after tomorrow, Michael.
  11. All the best for tomorrow, carni, lots of people here routing for you.
  12. I think you're right, NewBasfordlad, likely a lot of wild imaginations, one too many pints and such. It's hard to tell from some recent photos, plus our technology today for doctoring is so advanced. I have seen a couple of clips, however, that were definitely much bigger than your average mog... makes me wonder a bit what they might be. I was hiking last Winter, quite close to the city limits, I passed a dead deer up in a big tree. Lots of cat tracks at the foot of the tree so I made myself scarce, I didn't want him/her coming back and thinking I wanted an arm wrestle for it.
  13. That was a short lived search, you're both right, they no longer make Bar Sixes. I missed out, sounded like a good one. woody, are you talking about the gob stopper that had a tiny brown seed in the centre?
  14. katyjay, hope you and yours stay safe with those fires going. Teach me to assume, I always thought those were some sort of pig/boar. My lesson for the day! They look like they could do some serious foraging, much like a boar. Arizona looks beautiful, what terrain, stunning. You don't see vistas like that back home.
  15. Yes, you are right about the Lyme disease, I should have asked if you were in remission, not just ok. I'm glad to hear you have been symptom free for 7-8 years now as it can be truly horrible, I know I don't need to tell you as you know full well. It's a very controversial topic in Canada, I'm not sure how it is in the States? I knew someone who ended up going down to the US to get tested many years back. Good for you for seeking out a treatment that works in keeping it at bay, I truly hope it continues to do so for you. I got very sick from eating a rotten, undercooked