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  1. Thank you so much for this piece of info - I love any bits of anything I can get. i also have his old fine movies, but there are no busses on it. I had them made into a tape and now I’m to scared to plat it Incase it breaks I’m looking for someone to put it onto a flash drive. There are some photos of Central Avenue Etc.
  2. Can you remember the milkman that lived a few doors up towards town from Dewsburys I think his name was Percy?
  3. i would dearly love any pictures you might have of Roys Motors - Roy was my Dad, he worked hard and yes battled to keep buses on the road but many happy happy memories
  4. LizGericke

    Plains Road Primary

    i had the ruler from Miss King!!! Mrs Williamson was the last teacher. Mr Williams Miss Antcliff Mrs Vorster/Miss Hanson Miss Armstrong Jones Miss Tucker Mr Heal Mr Cave the lollypop man