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  1. Anthony here.... Thanks Fogrider, I'll check the site out asap. Anthony
  2. Anthony here.... With regards to Main Street....I had breakfast this morning at the cafe in Carlton Square shopping precinct (you know...the cafe next to Boots). Anyway the cafe was empty, and a young lady came in and asked to sit opposite me - I of course obliged!!! I struck up a conversation by asking if she came to the cafe regularly. The lady mentioned said she has sat at the same table for years, and was born and bred in Carlton. I asked Barbara if it would be too rude to ask her age (I am a gentleman), she said that she was 88 years old. My thought process went in
  3. Anthony here.... ......Not even the government and their dreaded data protection laws. I did say to the Archivist that I would bring Vi to the Archive to confirm she is who I say she is!! To no avail - if there are other names on the documents - no can see!!! Sing along - "Ain't no stopping me now, I'm in the groove...." Anthony
  4. Anthony here.... Jill Thanks for the message - great minds think alike.... Now I've got the bit between my teeth, ain't nothing stopping me!! Anthony
  5. Anthony here.... I spoke to Vi yesterday at her weekly church coffee morning about old school photo's, (in a roundabout way), without letting on as to what I was doing. I like to keep surprising her!! As is always the case, her photo's disappeared years ago. The same as my school photos (my brother threw them out when he cleared my Mum's house. If I was in Nottingham at the time, I would have given him a 'black eye' for doing it. He had no interest in history - what a Philistine!! Anyway I digress... I spoke to another person during coffee, only to find, he
  6. Anthony here.... I went to Nottingham Archives yesterday to look for any Standhill Road Junior School records that had been deposited. Wow things have changed since the last time I visited 20-years ago... Having searched the Schools Admission and Log Book indexes, I asked the Archivist questions about access to the records. Although he was very helpful I came out empty handed, other than a list of documents I wanted to view. I was advised that due to 'Data Protection' laws, I couldn't view any records that had names on them until 100-years had lapsed (same as census records)!!
  7. Anthony here... Jill Primary for me was Raleigh Primary School on Raleigh Street, followed by Windley Junior School on Forest Road - then Peveril. Anthony
  8. Anthony here.... Hi Peveril Pete - I had to check Google for your location..... It must be draughty at Peveril Castle!! Straight question - Is there an area called Peveril, or are you referring to the actual school area ie Aspley? Hi Jill - You suspected correctly - Berridge Senior Boys sounds before my time. Thanks for the complement though. Anthony
  9. Anthony here.... Ian The matchsticks holding up my eyes lids are starting to give way!! I have gone through the previous posts and my thoughts are....... Bobby 'Blue' Bland - totally agree with you. What a beautiful woman, singer & guitarist. I am ashamed to say that I have never heard of her. It looks like I will have to devout some time searching You Tube and checking out her history. Tami Lynn - great tune. I've got to watch that video on the 55" screen. Love the dancing couples. There is another artist that I want to check out, but can't read
  10. Anthony here.... Followed by the B-side. Not the best quality sound available, but the only one with photos - these guys were 'sharp'.
  11. Anthony here.... This is my first go at posting music - hopefully I won't be as frustrated as last night with the photo!!! Gotta kick off with my namesake of course......Little Anthony & The Imperials.
  12. Anthony here.... Ian. All I can say is WOW. Just come home, set up the laptop, plugged the speaker USB in and sat back..........blown away!!! Great music - Earl Van Dyke - say no more. I'm gonna go back to the start of the thread to listen to what has been posted with anticipation. Anthony
  13. Anthony here... Oops, slip of the keyboard - Funk Brothers.
  14. Anthony here.... Did I touch a nerve? If so it was unintentional!! Yes, I too was aware of the Funk Band, and agree, great musicians, and totally unknown to the masses. So yes, Motown forever. However...... as an 'funny dancer' I have always preferred the instrumentals. Anthony
  15. Anthony here .... Lizzie, I am gutted. I thought were we getting on so well!! I guess I used to 'dance a bit funny'. To the 'untrained eye' the moves may look funny, but it took hours of practice to look funny. I suppose it's akin to a viewer watching Monty Python for the first time and seeing John Cleese in the 'Ministry of Funny Walks' sketch. Yes I agree, even to my eye there were some weird moves - contortionists!! As with you, I love Motown too, but you hear it so much on Gold FM and other like stations, that it becomes background music after a while.
  16. Jill No - it was straight to Peveril for me. Obviously Berridge would have saved a lot of walking and buses. I have thought about this before and have considered the Peveril was the best location for me. Berridge was in a very cramped location from memory (they must have used the Forest for sports, I don't know). Peveril had a great big playing field, it was virtually the countryside!! Anthony
  17. Anthony here.... Hey Ian, I have to take issue with regards to Skiing in The Snow, yes the corny Top of The Pops version was absolute tosh. The original though by the Invitations is a different matter for me. That's a good track you posted. If you want to swap tracks - teach me!! Do me a favour - post "Better Use Your Head" for me. I can listen while contemplating posts!! I feel another memory coming..... Our old haunt was the Cricketers (now under the Ice Stadium). Ok, it was a Berni Inn, but it was handy, as I said I used to live at Cartergate. We could ge
  18. Anthony here..... Just found this thread - don't start me off... well go on then!! Yes I was into Northern Soul, as previously posted (ref Colemans & Palais). The Palais All-Nighter's were banging!! Me and my mate Steve (by chance we found each other again after 45-years - wow now that was a massive slice of luck!!) Fate's a funny thing...... Anyhoo, we used to trawl the second hand shops for 45's, as we did in those days. Can you remember the second hand shop on Canning Circus, it was about 20-30yds from the Running Horse pub. I found a copy
  19. Anthony here... Umm the last posting for Peveril was Feb 2018... I hope somebody is still interested in Peveril, as attended the school from 1970-72. Don't know why I was shipped out all the way out to Aspley to go to the secondary school.....we lived on Acourt Street, Hyson Green at the time. My best mates were Gary Orange, who lived on Cope Street, Stephen Fox (Southey Street) and Glenn Marshall who lived in the tall flats off Hartley Road (can't remember the name of the flats, but I think he lived on the 7th floor. My fondest memories about the school was
  20. Dear All With regards to the memories of Vi, she told me that she attended the Standhill Road Junior School, which is now Porchester Junior School. The original building is still in use, and is situated on the corner of Standhill Road and Morley Road, Carlton. My next assignment is to obtain old photos of the school, hopefully class photos circa 1935-1940. a) Vi might be on a photo, b) if not, maybe some former friends. Just checked a few websites, have drawn a blank so far!! It looks like I might need to delve into somebodies private collection - if I can find that som
  21. David PS - You'll have to give me a lesson in posting photo's. I want mine to look like submissions!!
  22. Hi David Just got in from the garden (started at 07:30), boy it's nippy out there this morning. Dug up 3no fruit trees - boy those roots were tough!! Thought I would sign in again before popping down to B&Q. I digress... The lady that VI vaguely recognised was the lady on the left of the row of four gentlemen (unfortunately not you great Aunt). When I Vi tomorrow I will mention Ethel and Frank Trueman, also Mrs Haslam. We'll see if her 'light bulb lights up above her head!! Vi couldn't make out if the bus was Trent or Barton - any idea? Where do you think these
  23. David I must be 'loosing my marbles', I can't for the life of me find that bus photo again. Where have you hidden it? Can you reply to this message and include the photo again please, so that I can confirm if we are referring to your great Aunt. I will ask Vi on Monday.
  24. Ian Time for me to hit the hay..... those doubles have done the trick!! I love the "All frying done in pure lard" - no government quango's in those days nannying us with '5 a day' Before I go, one last thing. Vi had to go after 3-hours - she was getting hungry. I asked what she had for lunch, she said Bread & Dripping. Umm not had that since taking it to school for dinner time (generally in the play ground whilst playing football). Vi wants a back garden to be proud of, so I am planting a bare-rooted Prunus Amanagowa that's 3-years old - it w
  25. Right, I'm getting really cheesed off!! This is what is written on the bag. F. W. Towle "ALL FRYING DONE IN PURE LARD" HIGH CLASS FISH & CHIP SUPPER ROOM 620 Main Street, CARLTON WET FISH FRESH DAILY Try Our Noted Tripe, Cowheels & Trotters Something has just dawned on me. Was F. W. Towle in competition with the shop next door ie the butcher. Why is a Fish and Chip Supper Room offering Tripe etc. Umm - presumably buying from next door, and cooking to eat on the premises.