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    I have found this which is attributed to W J MELVIN They called her Sally Slick Slack a character girl was she She tramped around Sneinton Market place to see what she could see. Her goal was was getting bits of sticks to put in her old black pram and she'd often beg a fish box off a market man. and the market men would tease her as she went about her way they would shout and ask her 'Hows your sticks?' and you would hear her say.... "Mind your bish nish mind your bish nish in her funny sort of way "it'chs nowt cla blummin do wi' yo; it'chs mine tae gi' away." She'd totter off up Carlton road in a shuffle sort of way with her long black dress and sugar sack apron and to herself she'd say "it'chs nowt cla blummin do wi' yo; it'chs mine tae gi' away". She would keep on talking to herself in her clacky Victorian way wearing a small Victorian hat and a long pin so they say. Her gait was old and shuffled a character girl she may and as she trundled with her pram You wished her 'a good day.' She'd look at you and in her funny kind of way Would tell you "Mind yer bish nish, It'ch's mine ter gi' away."
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    A pub I'd never come across before, and which closed down sometime in the 1920s or 30s, so I don't suppose anyone here ever went in it. The Union Inn, near Trent Bridge It was approximately here
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