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  1. I believe this land was being saved to continue the loop road. The original plans were going to cut Gedling in 2
  2. Next to Simon's Records, I remember there being some sort of jewellery shop. In the middle bit of co-op building there was furniture ( i think?) and you walked to the back to get up the stair to scoop. Shop on corner of Orlando I think was a chemist, the Dr's was over the Rd were the Nursery is More up to date - Corner of Albert was margaret's Dress shop and the other corner was a building society. Over the road was a dress agency and Noons (mrs Noon lived on Burton Rd) Noons moved into the shop that the dress agency was in and the old noons became an office chair shop for a while. The c
  3. Well done BeefSteak. Just keep plodding and you'll get there. If you carry on losing 1 pound a week You'll be 2 stone lighter by Christmas. (sorry. Don't mean to sound patronising!)
  4. can anyone give me anymore info on The Mint. By the seems of it I'm younger that most of you on this thread but I'm sure me and me mate went drinking there in our teens. The name is so familer to me. Or has there been another The Mint?
  5. I nicked something from Garfunkel's when I was a kid Mum found it and I got such a hiding! I'd forgot all about it. Was it on the other corner to the travel agent/Italian?
  6. This is a fantastic find for me. Thanks for posting it. I have a weird fascination with tunnels especially this one as it's local. Working for the railway for the last 15 years I've gone through a fair few. I don't like the dark and they give me the creeps and the hole/stacks make me shiver as well. There's one on the Manton line that has lime scale in it!!!) I was only just looking on Google maps, Following the train lines 'till they get to a tunnel just to see what's on top of them. ( i know I'm sad. you don't need to tell me!!!) But a lot of the time you can see the scaring in the
  7. Beefsteak - I know exactly were you're coming from - I've got 2 kids - one is as skinny as a pencil the other one I will call 'well rounded'. They both have the same diet. No. in fact the skinny one eats more as I don't panic as much what she's eating. I feel very conscious that people think I'm feeding them chips, crisps and coke all the time.