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  1. DGBRIT I was VERY blonde when I went to the Locarno.........but my pic is on the Rockers site for ya to see what I looked like when I was about 17/18 I'm the blonde on the
  2. Hi Old Ace, Haven't figured it out yet, have a few ideas. I'm still a blonde so it may take a I saw the pic on the Rockers site & have posted on there too.....A big list of names, which I'm sure you'll remember. Doubt I'll get to Skeggy this year BUT gonna try to make it to something. You know....I'm mot so sure I'd be a good pillion any more. Had my own bike in the 70's & 80's & once you've been up front you're not so good on the back. I lost all my biker pics...(I had some good ones in colour) so if anyone has any of me I would really appreciate if you could post or send 'em What a great bunch you all were & I'm sure still
  3. Oh & ty Mick......sorry too..........
  4. >>remembers dygor.....He gave me a lift home 1 stopped by the police........turned out dygor had NO PC Shirley...........what a s**t eh? and I so remember that night............Sambo sittin on the eagle......too funny
  5. I remember it well...........Would stop at Middle Gates for a fag & a Watched Sambo getting chased by a nice (haha) police officer one night. He was only caught cause he stopped at middle gates.
  6. We had a few reUnions in the 90's Mick, where the hell WERE ya? No plans right now for another. We might have a problem getting the Zimmer frames & wheelchairs up the stairs maybe..LMAO !laughing!
  7. Keith Symonds owned the Ad Lib & the Beachcomber. He sold them to Gerry Gibson & went on to run the Boat Club. DJ Petal was the DJ at all the venues til he went to the Union. You're right....George was on the door at the Boat YES Jamo Thomas sang I spy for the FBI
  8. Yeahhh......I'm on Virgin cable. No probs here either....I sympathise with Beefy. I've had to deal with call centres in Mumbai before. The usually end up putting the phone down when they can't answer your query. Result is........I wont deal with companies that have call centres in Mumbai. If I have a prob with the comp (rare) I know a man that can.........LOL
  9. Fleetwood Mac played the Union quite a few times in the late 60's early 70's. Kevin (manager @ the Union) used to ring 'em up & ask when they could come up & play. If they had a free Sat/Sun, they would do a gig there.. Great stuff!!
  10. I too am sad to see it go. Been around for so long, lotta history there. Have to say tho' I'm guilty of gettin music off the net these days, so easy to do I wish the guys well & thanks for bein a part of Nottinghams music history.
  11. Well thanx Dez. Nice to know he's still alive &
  12. Ummmmmmmm The Blues Brothers (BOTH movies) HAS to be in there. Kill Bill 1&2. American Graffiti, The Green Mile, Field of Dreams Difficult to know where to stop, but i better LOL
  13. Let's not forget "Three Time Loser", Wilson Pickett, "Soothe Me" Sam & Dave, another Wilson Pickett, "Don't Fight it", Eddie Floyd & "Bring it on Home to Me" , And a couple more of Wilsons "6345789" & "Funky Broadway" I still love to play these tracks & more LOL