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  1. No problems here. Open house. Bring your own food, drink, toilet paper and crossword puzzle.. No smoking, drugs, alcohol or noise. I could do with the company.
  2. Ah yes I remember it well. The last time I saw Reg 'live' was at the Grey Goose Gedling. Not long after, he went on one of the TV talent shows and completely ruined his chances of winning by singing a stupid song about: " May the elephant of ???? fly up your nose" Why he would do that seems beyong all reason! He had a superb voice.
  3. I can remember Mrs Redgate of Redgates waters & fruit squashes in the advert. I believe their family owned a few properties about Nottingham, including one on Hyson Green.
  4. Rob, you are as cynical as me! Those were precislely my sentiments when I originally heard this on the news. To quote the wise proverb: "Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see"
  5. Thanks for all the help. I think, it just happens to be the case that sometimes these creatures are about without anyone finding the need to "put it on record" or tell the world. Occasionally an expert appears, a great fuss is made of it all and it goes on record again. (To be fair, had I been down there and seen this owl now... I would not have thought of broadcasting the fact any more than I have in the past... it has been anecdotal holiday talk, with locals and friends and no more). One sad thing that I recall from a vist to the Penzance area, about 5 years ago, was the great number of o
  6. Ah yes, and TRElew is in Argentina but there are always exceptions, otherwise MAChine would be a Scotsman. !rotfl!
  7. No... Tregony is in S. Cornwall. (clue is in the "Tre" bit) That is why I have brought this up. Is there another white owl similar? ... if not then WE ASSURE you this is what we have seen for the past umpteen years. Near Trgony... South coast Cornwall, Roseland peninsular. Particularly frequently in the 80's and 90's .. right up to 2 years ago and going back to the 1940,s The sighting of the bird has always been a huge bonus to a visit down there. ... and since one has swooped several times over our car bonnet, we have certainly had superb close-up views. Cars coming the opposite way hav
  8. I am so glad this has arisen, because one of you twitchers can perhaps clear up something that we have experienced for as long as I can remember. I am no bird expert, but EVERY YEAR without fail for more years than I can remember, have we seen a bird appearing to be identical to this, on the Ruan High Lanes near Tregony. We have even had the fantastic pleasure of it swooping across the car bonnet, on many occasions, when driving through in an evening. The locals, including our relatives at Tregony, have always told us that it is a Snowy Owl, and obviously we have had no reason to disbelieve
  9. Even the Scots need subtitles to understand Rabbie and crew. A few years ago, I had business clients in Glasgow. It was a very profitable deal, but no-one in the office could understand a single word when they phoned us. I had to get rid of the client. I have just been watching the Magdalene Sisters on channel 4, The sub-titles for this Irish drama are so out of sync. I had no idea what was happening...So I have changed channel
  10. The Scala (renamed the Classic) was quite definitely on Market Street. Roughly opposite where the original Kardomah used to be (which was just below where the Jessops camera shop is now. The Jessops camera shop was a menswear shop). The Scala/Classic was a cinema renowned for attracting men in dirty macs going to see erotic French films. (but, I believe, only on certain nights). The Moulin Rouge was on Milton Street, opposite the Victoria Station and just a couple of doors away from the Mechanics Institute (cinema) which was on the corner; (a big white building with steps up the entrance.)
  11. I have to agree with this and I have hearing difficulties. I need the subtitles to be able to follow most programs ... but I cannot cope with that figure doing all the signing. I am not quite sure what it is about. Do they think that we deaf people cannot read? We are sadly lacking in getting subtitles for the majority of programs and when we do get them they are often seriously out of sync... or they skip important detail (often the catch line of a joke). My DVD is supposed to be able to record the sub-titles, but I have never figured it. I had my kids and grandchildren at it, but they ca
  12. No matter how many people in agreement would conspire to complain...there are now so many different broadcasting organisations that it is impossible to know where or who to complain to. I have come to believe that the technicians behind all these weird and wonderful styles think of themselves as some kind of artistic elite. They just cannot see that by copying the bad habits of each other they are just a pack of unimaginative sheep. In the 70's there was a new fad for filming into the sun. Once one twerp did it, they were all at it. Then we had that awful gimmick of filming across a busy r
  13. ...and so many people make fun of the old BBC English (as what she is spoke) ... but you can give me that anyday compared to all the Geordie, Brummy, Irish, Scouse accents that offend our ears these days. BUT... here are two other items that really gall me: The first is the obsession with having to film in gents toilets. Years ago we would comment (jest) on the fact that no-one ever went to the loo on TV... It did not mean that we wanted to go in there with them. This can add NOTHING to any program. or the enjoyment of my TV snack. The other thing (and please don't get me wrong here ...I
  14. What I find confusing and really annoying, is that the broadcasters are FULLY AWARE of all of the items in this thread... but absolutely deny that these things either exist or are unpopular. Everything here has been repeatedly protested about to broadcasters to no avail. Are they not people like us? Do they not bleed when you cut them? Do their eardrums not burst during the adverts? Do they not have favourite songs that DJ's talk through? Could it all be a conspiracy to drive us all screaming and dribbling to early graves? Amen