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  1. Hi Mick, Good to be back. Got excited when i saw the meet up, but can't go as i'm on a coaching course masterclass on Wednesday. Was supposed to be on Monday 29th till they changed it. Hopefully will get to another one soon. Sal
  2. The bottom picture is the second tunnel, the Sherwood Rise. Just behind where the cameraman is, is the station, the station building is behind the cameraman. The station building is on the bridge on the roundabout with Mansfield Road, Gregory Boulevard. Further south, after the bridge, there was a tiny bit in the top, right hand corner of the Forest Recreation Ground, then it went into the northern portal of the Mansfield Road tunnel, which carried on to the Victoria Railway Station. At the bottom of the Victoria Rail station, there was another rail tunnel going south. (it's still there
  3. Oh My God! Peel street cave system is huge. I've seen a snippet of a map before, but didn't realise just how big it is. I do hope they decide to open it up to the public, i for one, would love to go and see this. Cheers rr.
  4. Yep, the Mansfield Road tunnel came out at the top right hand side on the Forest, then the line went under road bridge. The main station building was on the bridge at the opposite side of road, (that building was only demolished a few years ago, and that newish building in it's place). The line then went under another railway tunnel, there's a manhole in the car park of Clarendon College, (there's loads of manholes, so no idea which one, unless you'd go in there and pop them all. ).
  5. Hi All, The one on Mansfield Road is nearly at the top of Mansfield Road, under one of the houses (think they're flats now) and the entrance is a rectangular doorway with a padlocked gate locking it. It was a sandstone cave (or mine) and during the war was turned into a deep air raid shelter. Batman, Robsey and Turkey explored it back in either 2006/2007. Someone else then explored the full length of the shelter a couple of years ago, and they climbed over the top of the bricked up section. Very interested in hearing more about the underground railway station around that area please.
  6. Cheers Guys. can remember stuff clearly from donkey's years ago,but when I try to remember stuff I did yesterday, the brain forgets lol. Sal ps, will ask mum if she remembers the smoke.
  7. Bloody hell, Nolly, at Hazleford Ferry. Did you ever go and visit him on his boat? Can't remember what kind it was, but it had huge radar things built into the main room (as you went on it) upstairs. That boat was one of the little boats used in the floatilla bringing people back from Dunkirk (the ww2 one when the rescued em from dunkirk). Think dad said the last he hear, Nolly's boat had sank. Not sure what happened to him, or his boat nowadays. May have to take a trip across and see if it was re-floated. That's a blast from the past reading about him. My dad used to be in Shirebroo
  8. Cheers Stu. The opening time of 12 is perfect for the other half, as he stays in bed most of the morning on his days off, so will be up in time for that. (drives to Manchester and back each day for work the rest of the week). My little one will love this too.
  9. Ooooooooooh cheers on the info regarding Bestwood Colliery Headstocks open days. Is there a charge to go inside the building? We may take a trip across on Saturday as it's the OH's day off. My 6 year old loves historical places. Forgot to add, the collieries at Shipley country Park (where the theme park used to be) was Shipley and Woodside collieries. think the Michael School main building was one of the former colliery office buildings.
  10. Hi All, and Weimieguy, I was there at Hollinwell too on that day. It wasn't only children and babies and parents that were collapsing on that day. There was also a horse show, and dog show taking place at the same gala. Both horses and dogs were collapsing too, (but there isn't a mention on any of the reports nowadays.) All the buses were all taken out of the gate and lined up on the A611 (the road outside the field). We were all taken by bus to the local hospitals for check ups. A few people were kept in. I remember that both Carabiniers and Shirebrook Rainbows were taken to the Mans
  11. Cheers mate, we may have a wander this weekend at some point then. Cheers again, Sal
  12. lol, oh dear, my brain is going. My head was saying Great Central, but my hands were typing Grand Central. (I hadn't even been on the pop last night either, was only drinking coffee I should really preview what I type, instead of just hitting submit lol). Saw pictures of the former station on the disused stations website. I'm sure there's some pics of the former Nottingham stations on there too. Should be up at Warrington this weekend (if the roads are clear ;) ). So will ask my other half if he'd like to spend a few hours searching for the portals (or ma
  13. This brings back some memories. Can remember going to visit some friends who on the cb whilst they were on holiday at Skegness. The guy who we were visiting let my dad use his cb. Had a huge beam aerial on top of a scaffolding pole attached to the roof of his caravan. (Can't remember the cb he had now tho, but remember the mike had the bleep when you let go), and a burner to go with it. He kept asking 19 for a Brook Breaker lol. Blanked all Skegness out that weekend. In fact, he blanked out all the surrounding area lol. The locals weren't amused lmao. Sal ps. dad was miniman.
  14. oooooooooooh yes please. Was wondering how easy it is to get to the tunnel now? Me and my partner are both interested in railway tunnels. (we did the tunnel behind Haddon Hall just before Christmas, then he did the former Grand Central tunnel at Chesterfield - that took a lot of figuring out where it ended up lol. Turned out there used to be a railway station called the Grand Central Station in Chesterfield, the former track is now part of the A61 up to the Tesco roundabout). Also interested in the rest of the tunnels under Nottingham. And any culverted rivers whilst we're at it. Also i
  15. Aaaah, that's Joe's site. His username is Reaperman and he's also a moderator on an urbex forum. There's also some pics on amongst others lol, although you have to be a member to see the pics and reports. Cheers, Sal