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  1. Ahh that was before my time ... I was at the TBI then! LOL
  2. LOL everyone knows Rob - I was chatting to him the other week. Are the two brothers you are thinking of Michael and Richard & Dad Mick Meehan? So who do you know that worked with me ... and who was the gay barman? Fussy (aka Sam )
  3. Hi ya "Beefsteak" ... it was Mike Meehan when I first started there but we had a bit of a fall out so I left and came back when Dean took over. I was there at the same time as Rob Slater was working on the door.
  4. I was working at the Tavern in the late 80's early 90's it was a wonderful place (I like grotty pubs! LOL).
  5. Thanks for the welcome! LOL about the carpet .... TBH I think they used it to fill in the holes in the road on Upper Parliment street ... it certainly looked like a roll of tarmac!
  6. Cheers Annesley ... funnily enough I had just found that article while I was doing a bit of a search. I feel there is a niche in the market for a "lost pubs of Nottingham" book (any budding writers / historians / alcholics on here! LOL). The Dog and Patridge ... that's the one ... yes it was a Home Ales house ... sort of down a funny little side street (that has also gone!). Why is it always after these places have gone that you wish you had taken more pics ... hindsight is a wonderful thing! I used to be a bar maid at the Tavern in The Town ... the worlds grottiest pub ... but as soon as
  7. Cheers Frank ... seems like a long and complicated thread! LOL. I really after something with pics as well ... do you know of anything like that anywhere in existance?
  8. Ay up, As the title says I'm new to this forum and I was wondering if you might be able to help me please. I have lived in Nottingham all my life (41 years) and over the years I have frequented several pubs which have disseapered. I was therefore wondering if anyone knows of a website or publication that lists and has some history and pics on the many "wonderful" places that have vanished from our city. Places like the QE, the Warro, the dog and bear, the Victoria (in Vic Centre), the foundtain (I think) near Broad Marsh, the dog and ? (near the NHS walk in centre - now been pulled down) t