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  1. Did you have them altered just because she snagged her dress on them? After you told us that I raised my unit up so the bracket was level with that area between her head and chest but with her new eyes she caught on to what i was up to
  2. I've offered already Mick but you haven't replied. Check out the other forum.
  3. Oh yes - when i did actually arrive at the left lion that night I distinctivly remember hearing the lion roar
  4. I arranged to meet the present Mrs Frank at the left lion following our introduction in the Pallie (sp??) back in '68. Anyroads, I saw here standing there and like an idiot, i started waving as she appeared to be looking right at me as I approached from St James St (the 16 dropped me off on Maid Marion Way outside the Wimpey Bar). Well, I got right up close and started talking before she responded - didn't know if she was blind or deaf at this stage - but it turned out that she wore glasses and was afraid to let me know in case I took a dislike to her. It cost me a lot of money while courting (do people still use that term?) taking her to the pictures where she promptly snuggled up and fell asleep 'cause she couldn't see the film! Paid to have her eyes fixed last year - just the deafness to go now
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome. I've been browsing for a couple of weeks and have really enjoyed the posts by other members. A little background. Born in Bulwell in '52 behind St Mary's church, lived on Egypt Road in Basford where my dad had an electrical shop then moved up to Broxtowe at the age of 8. Lived on Bradfield Road from 8 to 18 when I got married and got a council flat at Hyson green. Been living in Heronridge since '75. Went to Players Infants and Junior School and William Crane School for Boys (West Gate) leaving in '67. First job was as an apprentice gas fitter for the Gas Board and appeared on the front page of the Evening Post in '67/68 when we went on strike - well the fitters did anyway - still got the clipping somewhere. Hope to contribute more later Frank