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  1. Cheers Mick I think she left 65 ish Yes she was 22 I was only 5 myself so don't remember that much
  2. As ive already posted she passed away in 1972 so somehow i dont think she;ll be on friends reunited or as you so kindly put it Fiendreunited.
  3. Yes Terry's living in Bristol now . Apologies to you Mick but Terry did say that you knew her apologies once again.
  4. Yes Janice was my mum and Terry is my uncle unfortunately Janice passed away in 1972 aged 22.
  5. I beleive you went to school with my mum Janice Elingsworth
  6. Apologies Mick I was getting you confused with some one else .I don;t know you but the milkman and papershop are asking you if you are going to settle their bills.
  7. Thats right Robt.P another once decent pub ruined by todays generation used to go in there on a Friday dinner couple of pints and a chip cob .Sunday dinner after football not a bad pub at all.Leaves the Poets,Riverway and the Globe now and i wouldnt touch the Poets or Riverway
  8. The Toll Bridge on The Embankment has now closed as at 11/3/08
  9. i think its just the anti Manchester United feeling that exists between certain football fans .Personally I think Cloughs statue going up in Market Square is a disgrace it should be at the City Ground nowhere else.
  10. Are the 2 horses now the current centre backs. (Only messing about kids)
  11. Grandad Eric Uncles Jimmy ,Tommy,Eric and Richard aunties Josephine.Kathleen,Carol
  12. Ah yes i know you are now . How are you these days.
  13. From 1975 when i first started watching them my team would be Raddy Benjamin Needham Stubbs O'Brien Carter Goodwin Masson Scanlon McCulloch Bradd All these players featured in at least one promotion for this great club all were signed by Jimmy and with 2863 league games for Notts I think this lot could do a job for Notts
  14. cookie67


    Can anyone remember Heasons furniture shop on Kirkwhite Street my Dad my grandma and my auntie all worked there and i was also given the owners name as my middle name .My dad lived on Willersley Street and my mam was born and lived on Ryehill Cottages my dads name was John Cooksey my mam was Janice Ellingsworth sadly she died in 1972 when i was 5 any comments stories or just friends of those 2 please let me know .Cheers everybody .