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  1. I'm not sure if Douglas Avenue in Carlton has been mentioned. It seemed pretty steep to me when I was working at Co-Op servicing at the top of the hill in the late 70's. Buses seemed to have a hard time getting up it after having turned round at the bottom. I remember walking down to the bottom many times to get to Carlton station. If you want to see a genuinely steep hill then check out St Patrick's Hill in Cork in Ireland. Have a look on Streetview. I had to check it several times when I was there on business a few years back. Why would anyone build on su
  2. At the risk of upsetting people, I completely agree. I don't come here half as much.
  3. Mmm.... I can't help thinking that maybe you missed the point.
  4. In another thread someone said that things change and that we'd 'just have to get used to it', but inevitably, if something is awkward then people will just drift away. Or do something else.
  5. Or.... We could just not bother.
  6. Call me old fashioned, but I liked the way Nottstalgia was before. The layout and software was easy to use and one could see new topics immediately. I used to be part of another forum that was very popular until they decided to completely change everything, because (they said) they wanted the site to be more smart phone friendly. Ah well...... Progress ?
  7. Re #123 I bet he looks rough without the syrup !
  8. Well, credit where credit is due, I didn't think that they'd have trains running again quite so soon. No trains stopping at Loughborough, but at least they've got things moving again. It'll still be weeks till that bridge is fixed.
  9. No, not at all Tim. When it was British Rail they would hold connections if a train was late. They would put on additional services or run on 'duplicate' routes (which they still had). In other words, they would do what it took to get the passenger home. Now the rail companies couldn't give a toss. Additional services cost money which they are reluctant to stump up, and maintenance and repair is at the behest of independent contractors who demand that whole routes are closed while they casually fix the problem as it suits them. (Overtime being a massive earner). Not only are rail bosses
  10. We don't have an integrated transport system Albert. Different companies on different lines. They are reluctant to have their services altered. The last consideration is the passenger. It only takes one thing to go wrong and the train companies are like headless chickens. If we don't sit in a designated seat on a specific train at a specific time then we get penalised. But when they mess up then it's all 'please bear with us'. #4 I bet you'll be on a bus for the Loughborough to Leicester part of your journey. They won't have that bridge repaired for weeks!
  11. You've probably seen on the news that trains between Nottingham and Leicester - including long distance services, are in chaos because of a bridge collapse at Barrow on Soar (just past Loughborough). It's a bridge 'over the line' rather than one carrying train tracks. As far as I know, locals have been complaining about the poor state of this bridge for ages. There was a quite serious dip in it on one side. As soon as they started work on it, it collapsed. Yet another example of Network Rail leaving things until they are in a desperate state. Hope that won't affect the bonuses of the senio
  12. Whenever they film at heritage stations or steam preservation sites - pretending to be in the 30's or 40's, they frequently make the mistake of showing tracks with 'concrete' sleepers. Railway tracks traditionally used wooden sleepers (treated with creosote) until the end of the 60's - when they brought in welded rails and sleepers made from bright white concrete. It's a small point I know, but it's always a dead giveaway. Funnily enough, on a technical point, wooden sleepers cause less wear on ballast because of their relative flexibility. Concrete sleepers have to be cushioned around ben
  13. Re #67 Yes, I'm sure Microsoft are desperate to get people onto the rental scenario - with the operating system 'living in the cloud' and everyone on Direct Debit. To that I would say one word : Adobe. They (Adobe) have tried to make out that things are going well since they went over to only renting their software, but they are setting themselves up for a situation where people will question why they have to pay a monthly fee for 'buggy', increasingly unreliable software that doesn't do anything radically different from the version of 10 years ago. Microsoft always had a monopoly because
  14. Yes catfan. As it goes, it's quite a good operating system. But they messed up so badly with Win 8 and Vista, that the mindset is now that if your computer is working OK (after having faffed around for so long to get it that way) then why venture forth into a world of new problems, new software, new peripherals and more invasion of privacy. Despite giving the thing away, it's still only been taken up by 19% of PC users. Windows 7 is still the most popular OS. 9.5% are still using XP ! (despite their fervent attempts to cripple it). I'd use Windows 10 if I felt the need to buy a new comput