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  1. I wonder if you went to Whitemoor school and  Ellis school and do you have any class photos of those times.

    many thanks bigfish

  2. I am looking for old ellis school photos from 1954 to 1960 can you help Me Rod Fisher

  3. Comments added to this topic are serious, constructive and justified. They are not frivolous but a frustrated judgement on changes that can perhaps be addressed by those who have the authority. I’m sure such persons would prefer to have opinions expressed rather than have members go dormant out of frustration.
  4. So that's it then Jill Sparrow. Members must not say 'The Emperor is not wearing any clothes! We have to pretend that he looks splendid, do we?
  5. There you are you see. That's what's wrong with this improved site. What's all this talk about 'Old School'; themes, and with Medevil Magic; FB Look etc. It means absolutely nothing to me or my laptop. I've been into every nook & cranny to find these alternatives. The programme should incorporate a Sat-nav to guide people through this jungle or else a bleedy big help button. And don't go telling me to go to Specsavers.
  6. Hi carni, Your post is most acceptable. Please look up 'The Emperor's New Clothes' on Wikipedia. At the outset of this topic I was relating the website 'Improvement' to the suit of clothes and perhaps members were reticent to express disappointment for fear of exposing an inability to understand the changes, just like the kings ministers had a fear of exposing their stupidity. I must say; colours are now far more acceptable, compared to yesterday's wish wash edition.
  7. Is it only me and a couple of others that think this new layout is retrograde? That's what I meant by heading the topic 'Emperor's suit of clothes' ; no body else seemed to notice or were reticent to express an opinion. And why are people trying to divert the subject? The topic is nowt to do with Crags, Creswell or otherwise.
  8. Still getting used to the old one after 50 years. FLY2 - Haven't 'liked this' to your reply. I said previously I wouldn't be able to find it. So we'll leave it there. lol
  9. Has anyone expressed a dislike to this altered website yet or am I the only one in step? Please don't bother answering, even if you find this because I certainly won't be able to find your reply. Insipid colours; can't find budder all and what the bleddy hell is 'Activity streaming' for G sake? Is it fishing; is it olympics? It certainly ain't Nottingham English. I think it's carp. P.S. Sorry about the spelling.
  10. "So where are you going Dad?" "There and back to see how far it is, Son"
  11. Oh yes Jill, that would be right. Nothing to do with arsenal then! lol
  12. Scratching names, with others, on Mrs Fletcher's brick gable wall in Chard Street. Went back 40 years later; couldn't a word; couldn't see Mrs Fletcher either.
  13. Bright shiny bubbles of gas tar seeping up through street cobbles on summer days. It made substitute practice marbles. I know my short trousers would get very mucky and once I recall my 'black' marbles sticking my pockets together, much to mother's displeasure. Do you remember the rules for marbles? Spans was one; if you were quick enough to shout it ! That allowed you to pick up your marble; put your little finger where your marble had been and reach out further to thumb your marble from a closer range.
  14. Jill Sparrow #3624 ; Clearly you are in need of your very own wooden ladder Jill. I can just imagine all your boxes stack high up against the landing wall.