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  1. Has anyone got any pics of it, i remember the pie shop on there where it would be a treat on a Saturday to go for our pie and mash. The old cobbled pavements with an up hill climb and u were breathless till u reached the top. We got off the bus at the "fountain" near woolworths ours was the number 40 from meadows and we hopped into wollies and got anything for 6pence. Drury Lane was my favourite spot in Nottm they dont get any better than that nostalgic memories
  2. might beable to get address for michael pates for you
  3. I might be able to help you on perry carl my father in law knows him so will find out any info for u and post it on here, he used to sing at flannagans the duke of newcastle too in basford we saw him play there, dicko will get back to you if any info results in the find
  4. AND>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> i had to remember my old password god it worked this time lol
  5. i got me laptop mick hey this has so changed dont know what i am doing right at this moment what u done to this lol if i am replying directly to u mick let me know not sure how to navigate this now, chrissy
  6. hello old buddies on here i am back with avengence "Den" me bip i really missed you guys. Hey hey am about to leave these lovely shores and journey into the unknown ha ah any advice for this would be traveller. When i probably next post we will be somewhere abroad, no council tax less electric and gas bills and most of all have the sun and a pool with a bit of luck. We would like any hints or tips of what we can expect in our nearly new adventures will think about you all in winter shivering ha ah, chrissy
  7. den it all changed now trust me if you venture in again in the near future especially at weekends, bet your bottom dollar you will find someone from the meadows, and they wont be gay, chrissie
  8. Was in Nottm other weekend with hubby went in the Dog and guess what saw so many Meadows lads and gals couldnt believe it, it was like day jar vous again heard loads of gossip, and sadly loads of mates now deceased but home again it seemed. They run disco or should i say popular 60 s music Monday nights so get along there and party and think of the past days which we all loved so much.
  9. hello from new bestwood one up on you now
  10. Hey Mick, if Den wants to come and pick up the xmas scraps he is more than welcome to, he knows that, i do have real ale in the garage too tell him
  11. Back again Mick and Den, jenny Angel to you lot stayed here with us this weekend, she is on deal or no deal now until boxing day afternoon when its her turn to win some money, lets have you lot guessing how much she really did win on the programme????? I KNOE guesses please you lot on our forum, dicko. ps mick and den i can no longer send emails direct probs with isp
  12. Right you forum posters, can u tell me who has someone that has no one around to their house at Christmas time, we do. Every year we make it a policy to invite someone for a meal or be it dinner, they mell well live alone be elderly or widow or widower, but every year there is so many folk in Nottm who are in that category. It makes my day and long term so beneficial for us too. lets see how many of you reply to this one with that joy, dicko
  13. Hi Lana we have something in common chesterfield, my real mother buried at Boythorpe Cemetery i know thats spooky but hey who cares, i never knew her anyway, me the orphan her loss. welcome to the mad house forum we are all tame you know welcome and please stay with us , dicko
  14. den would have come again but i am so so scary according to reports so decided not to, next time we have a meet will bring my husband alan he is much saner than me mick will confirm that, its just of late they have changed me tablets what they didnt say is i cant drink alcohol on them, they never told me that, my excuse den to you sorry i offended you if i did, chrissie
  15. john mate you dont deserve that after the years i have known you, love, keep well duck got your email and will change what you asked me to no worry, keep your chin up john, chrissie