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  1. The snow has all gone here in Daventry and I saw a video of the ground staff clearing the Meadow Lane pitch yesterday so this evening's game can go ahead. A great effort indeed, well done all. Just a bit miffed however to read this morning that the National League will be voting soon on whether to continue with the season because so many clubs are in financial difficulties. Notts are so lucky to have the Reedtz brothers in charge. They have brought financial stability to NCFC no doubt helped by their very wealthy dad. With these guys at the helm I've no doubt Notts will eventually climb b
  2. Beekay and Denshaw got me salivating with their mention of egg and chips with HP sauce. Two or three Pork Farms sausages round it off if you’re really hungry. I read somewhere that George Harrison was a big fan of egg and chips and used to get frustrated when The Beatles became famous and posh hotels and restaurants didn't have it on the menu. That's why I love The Beatles they never forgot where they came from. Ringo said he had to pinch himself many times because he couldn't believe how famous and wealthy four sh1t kickers from Liverpool had become.
  3. Just remembered we also had Bernard Bresslaw's comedy record “Mad Passionate Love” in our family record collection during the 50s and 60s. The B side was a song called “You need Feet” a parody of Max Bygrave's hit “You need Hands” Bernard Bresslaw sprang to fame in The Army Game followed by the Carry On films. The Army Game was a very successful ITV show and featured many well known actors such as William Hartnell, Alfie Bass, Bill Fraser, Norman Rossington and Dick Emery.
  4. Don't dig there Dig it elsewhere You're digging it round And it ought to be square The shape of it's wrong It's much too long And you can't put hole Where a hole don't belong
  5. I love Bernard Cribbins. My dad was called Fred so “Right said Fred” was very popular in our house in the 60s. I used to love him in the TV ad for Hornby trains too. BTW did you know that Gossip Calypso was written by Trevor Peacock? Trevor is probably better known as Jim (no,no,no) Trott in The Vicar of Dibley. He also wrote “Mrs Brown you've got a Lovely Daughter” for Herman’s Hermits. Check out his Wiki entry and you'll see he wrote a lot of stuff in the early 60s before turning to acting. Sadly he's now in a nursing home with a
  6. Yes, a fine song indeed. Judith Durham's voice is sublime. I also enjoy and sadly miss Karen Carpenter. If you didn't know Judith is also a trained pianist.
  7. I liked The Applejacks and still listen to Tell me When from time to time. Like Dreamers do was written by Lennon and McCartney. You can hear The Beatles version on Anthology 1
  8. Love The Searchers. As I'm sure you know It was a Jackie DeShannon song as was Needles and Pins. The Searchers did a great job with both of them. When you walk in the Room contains the best rhyme I've ever heard in a pop song. “I close my eyes for a second and pretend it's me you want Meanwhile I try to act so nonchalant“ BTW did you know that Tony Jackson, the original bass player with The Searchers died in Nottingham in 2003?
  9. Doug Hallet arrived to replace John Hancox who had become the new head when Oliver Barnett retired in 1965. He was called Batman because his black gown used to billow behind him like Batman's cape.
  10. Tim, I lived on Russell Rd 1961-72 and the shop you refer to on Berridge Rd was a television repair shop around 1966/7.I'm sorry I don't remember what it was before but it was a proper shop with living accommodation rather than a conversion. I also have a electronic copy of Kelly's Directory of Nottingham and West Bridgford for 1953 and 189 Berridge Rd is listed as a hairdressing business run by your relative Walter Knight. That gets you a bit more up to date. Hope it helps.
  11. For my 14th birthday in August 1964 my older sister Marion took me to The Odeon in Nottingham to see The Beatles in “A Hard Days Night”. I'd started listening to The Fabs when Marion brought home their first LP “Please Please Me” in the autumn of 1963, then in December she went out and bought “With The Beatles” and I was hooked. In August the following year my mum and dad bought me my first electric guitar from Jack Brentnall's. Their shop was next door to the old County Hotel and they had some amazing guitars. Mine was a cheap Japanese import called a Freshman. It cost 14 guineas and I plugge
  12. I think the Radfords will sell up if the next managerial appointment doesn't perform. Sky bet currently has Paul Heckingbottom installed as favourite
  13. Time to ignite (sorry) this thread again as November 5th looms. I guess the big bonfire event on The Forest is cancelled this year due to COVID. I took the family a couple of years back and was thoroughly unimpressed. The traffic was horrendous and it took me ages to find a parking space. I also thought the funfair was tacky so although I've always loved Bonfire Night. I drove back home to Daventry feeling quite fed up. Back in the early 60s when I lived on Russell Rd the scouts used to have a decent bonfire on the Forest. IIRC it was down in the corner where Noel St. meets Gregor
  14. Mess

    Bobby Ball

    I didn't like him at first either but he did grow on me over time.
  15. Hughton is an excellent manager and if left to it should get Forest on an upward trajectory. Unfortunately Zorba has a track record of interfering. Let’s hope he's learned that keeping a low profile is the best thing for the owner of a football club.
  16. Happy days Oztalgian. Yes Johnny Morris was the Hot Chestnut Man. He was on BBC Children’s TV in the early 60s. I tried very hard to make a “winter warmer” using an empty, perforated Lyles Golden Syrup tin using fence wire as you described but failed miserably. I think I even went and pinched some glowing coals off the open fire in our lounge but still couldn't get it to work. Shame. I loved the fires my dad and I used to have in our garden in the 50s. He used to get sawn logs from work which we would burn in the house and garden. A very nostalgic smell which contributes to my enjoym
  17. I got the fire pit going this afternoon and roasted some chestnuts in the brass gizmo my dear wife bought me last year. It's made totally of brass and consists of a hinged and perforated container fixed to an arm about about two foot long. Looking at its construction makes me think it could be Victorian. Whatever, it’s a big improvement on the biscuit tin and bent coat hanger I used to use. The results were brilliant. After a few minutes the charred outer of the nuts cracked off easily to reveal the dark yellow roasted nut within. Delicious. Who else enjoys roasted chestnuts? Remember Johnny M
  18. Phil, my wife is a very competent dancer having attended a performing arts academy in Coventry called Pattison College. She didn’t pursue it as a career becoming a teacher instead. I for that matter can't dance to save my life which has caused much debate and argument during our 31 years of marriage. I will only venture onto the dance floor if I'm very well oiled and have lost all my inhibitions. When I'm stone cold sober I'm extremely conscious that I look a complete pillock when I attempt to dance. I'm a competent musician so I don't or shouldn’t have a problem with rhythm but dancing and me
  19. Phil and Beekay do you remember the Cavaliers and Roundheads we used to joke about in the boy's changing rooms at school? Sorry Jill someone else will need to explain if you’re confused.
  20. Slightly off topic but I loved Al Jolson. My mum took me to see Larry Parks in The Jolson story when I were a kid. She also told me she saw Al Jolson in The Jazz Singer at The Apollo on Berridge Road. I think it was the first “Talkie”. Wiki says it was released in 1927 so she was 9.
  21. IIRC back in the 50s I was given a shilling by an uncle when he visited and I spent it all on 48 Black Jacks. This PC nonsense does my head in and a dare say quite a few black people think it's gone too far too. Wasn't there a dance in the 20s called the Black Bottom? Perhaps the creator should have called it the white arse. Back to Black Jacks. The packaging was redesigned a few years back to remove the golliwog images. Am I even allowed to say that these days?
  22. Back to sweets of old. I bought some Black Jacks last week and find the product development people have been dabbling with the recipe again. The aniseed flavouring is hardly discernible any more. Whatever test/trial methodology they used to validate the change, it's failed miserably. The current product is light years away from the original I enjoyed as a school kid in the 50s and 60s. Almost certainly the recipe change is driven by the need to cut costs but sorry to say the product is now screwed. I fully expect it to disappear off the shelves as older consumers at least will be less tha
  23. A quick update for interested parties. I've recently acquired a CD of Kelly's Directory of Nottingham and West Bridgford 1953 and what a delightful read it is. I've found so many old relatives, friends, acquaintances and shops from my youth in the 50s and 60s. Copies are still on sale on eBay for £6.99. I thoroughly recommend it and no, I'm not on commission lol.
  24. Mess

    Coca Cola

    Yes mary1947 it was a very popular tv ad here in the early seventies. The New Seekers also recorded a version.