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  1. Notts attack weren't at their best last night but they were still OK. The defence however were simply diabolical and I think their dreadful performance left the rest of the team feeling thoroughly deflated. Something has got to change and quickly. They were doing OK coming up to Christmas and then Williams jumped ship. Some fans are saying he saw this coming and maybe they're right. I think they can hang on this season because they accumulated a good few points at the start but next season it could easily be a relegation battle if it's not sorted. The worry is that Jodi Jones an
  2. The Notts defence was hopeless tonight and Stuart Maynard doesn't seem to know how to fix it. I'm beginning to wonder how long the brothers will give him to change things. The season's over for Notts now. I hope Forest can survive because the only excitement in Nottinghamshire at the moment is in Mansfield.
  3. Oz, I don't know why I thought Mansfield went behind yesterday. I was probably too distracted by Notts' miserable performance. I agree that Mansfield have a good chance of taking the title but my money's on Crewe.
  4. Oz, Notts were very poor yesterday but credit to Crewe who stopped them from playing. The playoffs are still possible but they really need to sort themselves out quickly. I can't see them getting any further this seasons even if they did scrape a playoff place. Mansfield had a great win yesterday after going behind. I can't see them not being promoted now but they maybe won't take the title. The remaining fixtures look very tasty for the front runners. Stockport or Crewe might yet snatch it. Wrexham are not looking particularly impressive at the moment but look out for MK Dons who
  5. A great three points picked up by Forest whilst the other teams around them were losing. I didn't see the game but the reports I've read suggest they were good value for their win. It would be such a tragedy if a points deduction sent them down after the way the players have dug in. BTW I thought Luton were unlucky against Man U yesterday. On the strength of that performance they're too good to go down. At the moment Sheffield United and Burnley look as if they're going down but who will join them? Everton are playing Crystal Palace tonight so that's a result to look out for.
  6. Last night Notts looked like a totally different team. What a turnaround. A stunning renaissance. Huge credit to Stuart Maynard. He changed the goalkeeper, the formation and with them the team’s fortunes. Notts looked like automatic promotion let alone playoff candidates based on that showing. I feared a loss was on the cards after the way they played against Gillingham last Friday, add in Newport's recent form and even a draw would have been a great outcome. Stuart Maynard used nearly all the same players from last Friday but reassigned their roles and the team's formati
  7. The Stags are looking quite formidable at the moment but with sixteen games to go it's far from over. Stockport are favourites for the title but there's still two or three other teams who could deny them automatic promotion. If they do go up the Radford's will need to invest in the facilities. The playing surface is a priority. The next few games will be telling for Notts. There's only a few points between five or six clubs outside the playoffs so the run in is going to be fascinating. Harrogate, Newport and Salford are top of the form table with Notts third from bottom. Three games
  8. Can't disagree with that summary Oz. Notts's team spirit seems to have disappeared. I think they have yet to recover from Luke William's departure. Stuart Maynard has quite a job on his hands getting Notts up off the floor and performing again. I think the defence is troubled by goalkeeper Stone's unreliability. He certainly doesn't command his area well. Some similarities with Turner at Forest. To be fair though Turner had a very good game midweek against Bristol in the cup.. Notts have Luca Ashby- Hammond on loan from Fulham and I think he's due a start now. Notts ne
  9. A very welcome point after a spirited performance by Forest at Bournemouth this afternoon. Bournemouth resorted to some very rough play and had a man sent off for a nasty tackle from behind on Callum Hudson-Odoi who had to be substituted soon afterwards The Forest team gave it a real go and if they do finish up being relegated because of a points deduction then the board has to take the blame for the appalling cock up in their management of the ffp incident. Hats off to the Forest lads who never stopped trying. They could really do without the midweek cup replay. I think Nuno sh
  10. There was little sign of the Mansfield wobble this afternoon as they put in a very solid shift against Notts on a pitch that had more sand on it than Skegness beach. Nigel Clough was in the stands after criticising the officials last week about penalties, a sending off and some other highly debatable decisions. Today I think it's fair to say the Stags got away with a few themselves. Jodi Jones was kicked around by a very agricultural Mansfield defence with very little retribution from the referee and Notts had two decent penalty shouts waved away. Mansfield are a hard team to beat an
  11. Mary, I thought Spotty Dog was wonderful particularly how both his/her ears went up during the introduction. I was also amused how he seem to walk on air but then so did many of the Watch with Mother puppets.
  12. Oz, The Forest result was no surprise at all. They didn't play well and their late goal was never going to change the outcome. The fans have been calling for Turner's head for a few games now and his mistakes have cost Forest several points. I wonder if Nuno will get a replacement in before the transfer window slams shut. Forest are coming to Bournemouth this Sunday where I now live. They really need to win but I think the best they can hope for is a draw. The clubs below the Reds have started to pick up points so the pressure is mounting and that's before any points d
  13. Oz, I don't remember Twizzle but IIRC it was on ITV along with Torchy. ITV arrived in Nottingham where I lived in around 1956 or 1957. My friend at primary school had ITV installed early on and used to tell me about the ITV children’s programmes including Torchy. You might recall that to receive ITV you needed a different aerial and sometimes a tweak to your TV for the different transmission frequency. Twizzle and Torchy were early creations of Gerry Anderson as was Four Feather Falls which I don’t remember either lol. I googled Billy Bean and found this: https://nosta
  14. Mary, I was born in 1950 and used to enjoy listening to Derek McCulloch aka Uncle Mac presenting Children’s Choice on Saturday morning radio on the Light programme. The theme music was called Puffing Billy. My mum used to say Derek had lost both his legs but I later learned he'd lost one leg when he fought on The Somme in WW1. I have an excellent double cd set which has many of the songs he played on the programme such as The Laughing Policeman and Nellie the Elephant. His friendly uncle persona was tarnished a few years ago when he was cited in the BBC child abuse investigatio
  15. Jill, Yes, Jonathan Platt was in my year at Forest Fields Grammar (1961 onwards) He was in the A stream and IIRC he excelled in Mathematics. The Forest Fields 1968 Speech Day programme records he went on to Sheffield Uni presumably to study Maths and later had a good career in IT. I found Paul Sheasby on LinkedIn where he too seems to have made a good career from IT. I don't think I've ever come across anyone as bright as Alan Allcock. At school, not only did he grab prizes for Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Latin he was also a talented artist and sportsman. As I r
  16. Both Notts and Mansfield seem to have lost out to poor refereeing today. Notts should have had a penalty and Barrow should have had a man sent off when Jodi Jones was scythed down as he closed in on goal. Overall it was a very frustrating game as Barrow resorted to anti football with lots of niggly stuff and time wasting which the ref let them get away with. Barrow had a very underhand tactic when they had a corner with the Notts goalkeeper being blatantly impeded at least three times all going unpunished. On balance a draw was a fair result with Notts struggling to find much fluency
  17. Hi Jill, I've been enjoying the school photos that Lesley posted and can maybe help a bit more. First photo: back row third in from left looks like Keith Brown. Third row from front seventh from left is David Jepson (directly in front of Alan Allcock) On the front row third from left is Paul Sheasby and fourth along is Jonathan Platt Second photo: Definitely not David Jepson on the back row! Front row third from left looks like Paul Sheasby. Until I read your post I didn't spot Alan Steele or Paul Sheasby. They are both on Facebook BTW.
  18. Jill, Lesley Allen (nee Webster) has posted a couple of nice school photos for Berridge on the Nottingham Lost School Friends Facebook page. I think you're a member so can view it OK. One of them features lots of my school friends at Forest Fields Grammar including Alan Allcock, David Jepson, Nicholas Clark and Keith Brown. I've only seen a dark photocopy of this class before so it's great to see the original.
  19. I think Forest had the beating of Brentford this evening but ran out of steam after their energy sapping midweek FA cup replay at Blackpool. All very unfortunate as they really need the points if a points deduction is in the pipeline. They had looked the better team until Ryan Yates went off injured but started to look tired afterwards. There's a video clip on Facebook showing Toney moving the ball just before his free kick that produced Brentford's equalizer. I didn't spot it at the time but it should have been picked up and Toney booked. Very unsporting but apparently he has a repu
  20. Oz, Seems the standard of the half time bacon rolls is going to remain unchanged. The Viking I predicted to take over at Notts is staying put and the National League's hottest property has resigned his job and is coming to Notts full-time. Maynard's appointment is very typical of the Reedtz bros. modus operandi. The departures of Ian Burchnall and Luke Williams both yielded good returns in the form of compensation payments for their services. These guys are pretty shrewd operators. They usually but not always get a decent return on their investment. Stuart Maynar
  21. An excellent win for Forest tonight on a bitterly cold night in Blackpool. A weakened Forest side were well in control at 2-0 up but then lost their composure to let Blackpool draw level and force extra time. Forest took control in extra time and grabbed the winner with 10 minutes remaining. A fitting reward for the 2000 fans who travelled from Nottingham and sung their hearts out. I hope their return journey is uneventful on a very cold winters night. Tonight's game must have taken a lot out of the Forest squad and I think they may have picked up one or two more injuries s
  22. I couldn't agree more Oz. There's a real prospect The Reds could be facing Derby again next season in the Championship. The Forest directors don't seem to come out of this with much credit and I have huge reservations about the owner particularly when you check out his record with the authorities in Greece. I guess it will all come out in the future but short term Nuno will have quite a job on his hands to keep Forest up if they are handed a points deduction. I think Notts are close to appointing their new manager. Jose Mourinho has just quit Roma but my money's on Morten
  23. Forest looked so much better last night. Nuno has put much more emphasis on attack and it's been very effective. United look a shadow of their former selves and I think Ten Hag might have to go before things improve. Gibbs- White's winner was excellent and I admire his commitment and passion but I thought he was very close to picking up a red card at one point. Turner went from zero to hero very quickly but a new goalkeeper is surely on Nuno's shopping list after United's goal. I think Mr Marinakis fired Steve Cooper just in time.
  24. Notts County were fantastic last night. They were just sublime to watch as they swept aside a tired looking Morecambe. A new midfielder has arrived from Fleetwood with probably more to come through January. It looks like the Notts blip is over and they’re starting to look really formidable. Mansfield are starting to wobble and Forest need to now beat Manchester United to show they have turned the corner after that great win on Tyneside. I still think Nuno has a real job on his hands. The owner needs to let him get on with it. There's the problem because I fear he
  25. Oz, Notts played very well last night against the league leaders. Stockport were very physical and had to defend for the majority of the game. The first goal should have been prevented but to be fair Stockport's second came from a Notts defender slipping over leading to a penalty. I was very encouraged by Notts performance and they deserved at least a point having given a very good account of themselves. If Notts can perform like that for the second half of the season they should manage the playoffs. Forest's game today is going to be very interesting. Will N