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  1. My Uncle Bill Whyley (1920-2006) told me about the legless match seller who sat in the recess in St Barnabas cathedral wall selling matches. I did a bit of research and found this on Flickr: I am not sure when exactly this was taken. However, the man sitting on the pavement in the foreground may help to date it. The man is likely to be Gilbert Brown a matchseller whose legs were amputated when he was 20 years old. According to older people that I knew he used to sit at that spot six days a week. I also recall letters in the Nottingham Evening Post in the 1990's about thi
  2. My first job after leaving school in October 1966 was as Laboratory Technician at Roland Green School in Wilford. I would catch the 43 into town from Radford Rd then walk across the square to catch the No 40 out to Wilford. The trolleys had all been retired by Autumn 1966. Occasionally the 40 was stopped at the traffic lights at the end of South Parade and I would hop on the open platform of the old motor bus. At the Wilford Bridge terminus I would walk over the toll bridge. IIRC the pedestrian toll was 1d but I never paid it and was never asked to. I remember the little white toll b
  3. Letsavagoo, My dad (1915-2004) attended Stanley Rd Junior Boys until around 1926 when he passed the Nottingham High School entrance examination. Sadly his parents were unable to afford his uniform so he attended High Pavement instead. He told me about the swimming pool under the school but little else. I know HP was mixed in it's early years and there was a girls entrance on the left as you look at the school but I until I read your post I always thought it was all boys when my dad attended. I also attended Forest Fields Grammar 1961-66 by which time the subterranean swimming po
  4. Launched in 1958 retired in 1968.
  5. Back in the late 50s Quality St used to have a malt toffee which I loved. One of my fondest memories of Christmas is with my cousins on Perry Rd in about 1959 when we munched our way through a tin of Cadbury’s Lucky Numbers. Who remembers them?
  6. No need for apologies Mary1947 it's just such a shame after Coopers outstanding achievements last season that this season looks like being a huge anticlimax. If the owner is still happy to spend then maybe just maybe some judicious signings in January might turn the tide. Lingard had another poor game today I read. I can't respect players who just chase the money. I wonder how much really committed players like Yates earn? Let's hope the next two games bring a few points.
  7. Normal service has been resumed. Sorry Mary1947 but I did think Forest would struggle against a quality side like Arsenal. The harsh reality is that at the moment they are nowhere near good enough. It's men against boys at the Emirates this afternoon with Forest looking like rabbits in the headlights as the Gunners sweep them aside. Bleddy shame Lodi had to nobble Saka as Forest desperately tried to get back into the game. Last weeks win against Liverpool was sadly, a false dawn. There's something amiss with Liverpool at the moment. Kloop looked very rattled aft
  8. A draw for Forest tomorrow would be an outstanding result for them. I personally think that Arsenal will win easily but I never cease to be surprised by Steve Cooper's Forest. Notts are on an excellent run at the moment but Wrexham are hot on their heels. It's not far off a two horse race although Southend might yet come good and Notts have to go there a week on Tuesday. I don't think Clough junior will get Mansfield up this season. They are far too inconsistent. I do wonder if the Radfords will stick with him for much longer.
  9. I remember the 1/3 pint orange drink. I don't think it was a farthing though. More like 3d. It also came in pint bottles. IIRC it had a green foil top. In the mid 1950s a farthing would buy you one blackjack or one fruit salad
  10. I was at Primary School 1955-61 and in one of the classrooms was a cupboard crammed with BBC radio for schools booklets of songs and music. Our teacher in my later years there was called David Harries and he was Welsh. Naturally he was very musical and used to organise the choir. He used to make full use of these BBC song booklets and I remember many of the songs like Charlie is my Darling, The Blacksmith and Cargoes. Nearly all the choir members had Jerusalem down as their favourite. It still gives me goosebumps when I hear it. In my early years I remember we were shepherded into a
  11. I absolutely loved Rambling Syd Rumbo. My dad used to nearly wet himself when we listened to Round the Horne on Saturday lunch time before we went off to the football. Barry Took and Marty Feldman were some of the very talented script writers. Still funny to this day. Bit of trivia. Did you know before Kenneth Horne got into comedy he was the CEO of the toy making company Chad Valley?
  12. How could you use a poor maiden so? Bit dodgy methinks.
  13. It's hard to understand how quickly the euphoria of last season's promotion has worn off at the City Ground although I'm sure the Greek owner isn't as miffed as some might think. As we all know being in the top flight brings in huge amounts of revenue and even the parachute payment that is paid out if you're relegated isn't to be sniffed at. However there appears to be one huge fly in the ointment I believe. The wage bill. It must be huge but, that again might suit Mr Marinakis for reasons you'll have to work out for yourselves. Forest's season seems to be going from bad to worse wi
  14. Found this superb picture the other day. There was also a red Co-op bakery van with delicious fresh bread and cakes. I lived on Elstree Drive in the 1950s and remember these vehicles coming round in the early morning. I would guess it would be around 8am when I got up for school. I thought there was a wheat sheaf in the co-op emblem but I could be wrong. Along with the milk there was also an orange drink in a milk bottle available. I think it had a green foil top. Our neighbour had sterilised milk which had a red crown
  15. I too am very surprised the Greek owner has given Cooperman a new contract. I really thought he would be gone after the Leicester result. I suspect he feared a fans revolt if he'd fired him. I take my hat off to the Forest faithful who've stood by SC and his team during their awful start to Premiership life. Will it all come good? Tonight v Villa couldn't be a better time to get Forest on the up again. You've got to laugh at this.
  16. I think Cooperman will be sacked if Forest lose at Leicester.
  17. In the early 60s I was taken to a scouts group on Beech Avenue by a friend called John Sanday who lived near me on Russell Road. His dad was a Police Inspector. John attended Claremont school which was nearby. He later entered the VIth form at Forest Fields Grammar and then joined the Nottingham Fire Service. I only attended the scout group a few times but my clearest memory of the venue was a suspended wooden building outside ( painted black I think) under which were masses of bottles nearly all which had contained alcoholic drinks. There was a strong smell of alcohol and many of th
  18. Oz you're wasting your time (and money) if you want to top yourself by putting your head in the gas oven these days. You might still blow yourself to bits but you wouldn't die from inhalation. It would have worked in the past when the supply was coal gas which had a high carbon monoxide content. Nowadays North Sea Gas (methane) won't poison you and neither will propane or butane. These gases are all normally odourless which would make them undetectable by smell and increasing the explosion risk compared to the old coal gas. The producers add an odouriser so you can smell them. Putt
  19. I love egg and chips. I often order it when we're out. Takes me back to my mum's meals. She often did fried sausage and mash and she would pour the hot liquid lard out the frying pan onto the mash. Not very healthy but quite delicious. Bubble and squeak on Mondays using up the greens and mash from Sunday. Often with cold meat also from the Sunday roast dinner. HP sauce or piccalilli on the side. Apparently George Harrison was quite miffed when The Beatles became famous and always dined in the best hotels and restaurants and he couldn't get egg and chips which was has favourite too.
  20. Mess


    I've just seen a report that says price inflation will hit 18.6% next year. That's scary. In common with many on here I well remember when it hit 24% back in 1974. I was working in my second job since leaving Uni and IIRC that summer I was awarded a 25% pay increase. Whilst I was very pleased I soon realised that I hadn't really advanced much at all because the prices of most things (especially mortgages) were much more expensive than the previous year. Back then I used to take it on the chin and just get on with raising a family. This time however I feel rather differently abou
  21. I lived on Russell Rd Forest Fields in the 60s and early 70s and remember great excitement when The Palm Tree opened at the top of the road on Gladstone St. It was a Home Ales pub and was initially quite busy. It was a nice alternative to The Carlton Hotel on Noel St which was a Shipstones House. The Palm Tree didn't seem to last long and the site is now occupied by new town houses. The Carlton became the infamous Frog & Onion which I believe is still there.
  22. Back in the late 60s me and a few friends used to frequent The Grosvenor on Mansfield Rd. Warm Home Ales bitter or mild was the drink of choice back then. Lager was an expensive German drink although bottled Carlsberg was catching on. We used to assemble in the smoke filled lounge which was a bit quieter than the bar where there was a jukebox. In the evening on a warm summer Saturday people would be out in the courtyard, the bar windows would be open and the jukebox turned up. I remember August 1968 when Union Gap's “Young Girl” was played many times. The atmosphere was complete with the
  23. I liked Olivia from way back when she released Bob Dylan' “If not for you” in 1971. It was every bit as good as George Harrison’s version on his debut album “All thing must Pass” At one time I thought she might marry her fiancé Bruce Welch who I also really like but it was not to be. When they broke up In 1972 after 4 years together Bruce tried to commit suicide. I'd forgotten that she represented the UK in Eurovision 1974. That was the year ABBA won it with Waterloo. I always thought she was Australian but of course she was born in the UK emigrating to Oz when she was 6. S