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    Scrap yards

    Anyone remember playing in the scrap yards? There used to be one on Rosetta road basford, we used to wait outside the gate and they would let us mess about in the cars, hilarious when you think how pc it is now everything’s dangerous we were all a lot tougher back then good or bad
  2. Hi, grew up in the 70s 80s on Rosetta road and ford street.
  3. clarke38

    Three words to sum up your day

    Hot nackered fedup. Yes I am treating that as one word.
  4. clarke38

    From basford

    No our family name was clarke, don’t think I know them. My grandad was a miner so our family grew up going there.
  5. Hi anyone remember the cinderhill miners welfare club in the 70-80s?
  6. clarke38

    From basford

    Wow I grew up there and all my aunties etc but didn’t know it was called that or can’t remember. My grandad did the bingo there. Used to be ‘chick’ on the door don’t know if you can remember Sorry keep calling it cinderhill it’s now basford hall
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    Hi to everyone been posting random topics on here. From basford still ended up in basford zzz. Anyone from basford north gate area or went to manning school aspley 84-89?
  8. Broxta bullwull meadaz stans strell e snenton basefad
  9. I can anyone tell me how to change my username
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    Change username

    Hi thanks for replies.
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    From Basford

    Ok hi anyway. I was there from 1973 then moved up the road to ford street when they built new houses, don’t think my mother wanted to move far.
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    From basford

  13. clarke38

    From basford

    Hi Ian, ooh discos my family used to go there regular what sort of year was this?
  14. Bulwell pronounces bull well everyone I know of my age 40s pronounces it bullwull