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  1. Who says romance is dead?!
  2. Having fun without a mobile:
  3. Still life, Sanlucar, a Spanish border village:
  4. Apartments at Isla Canela:
  5. British Garratt locomotive at Minas de Rio Tinto:
  6. Short Eared Owl (Asio flammeus) in the narure reserve at Doñana, Andalucia, Spain. It flew past the vehicle I was in and I managed to snatch a shot as it passed us by.
  7. I must be a mongrel - I have been diagnosed with Dupuytren's contracture. The disease is commonly known as “Viking's disease” because it occurs more in people whose ancestors come from northern Europe.
  8. I see TP have "Billy Liar" starrring Tom Courtenay showing on 28th of this month. One of my favourite films.
  9. AYUP youth! I'm from Arna.....and I would never complain about them - so there!
  10. So, It's blowing a strong gale, the A9 is blocked by a fallen tree at Golspie and a little further south it is blocked by snow. Hey-ho, Scottish Spring is here.
  11. ....."Where's my tea?................Ah there it is - in the fridge again."
  12. ..........and the credit company would have taken it back within a few weeks!
  13. I took my motorbike test at Newark on a market day, 1970 - everywhere was chocka-block. I had been riding without L plates for a few years but I was forced to take my test when a girlfriend (Rightly) refused to come on the bike until I had a full licence. At the question and answer part of the test the examiner said "What does 'cutting corners' mean?" I answered correctly and he replied - "so why the heck do you do it?!" He then pointed out that I had cut a corner on a back road where he was watching from a hidey hole. He passed me, so all was ok in the end
  14. Probably because the smell of cooking froom the kitchens of modern pubs outweighes the smell of stale ale. Don't forget that in "The good old days" pubs sold beer, wines and spirits, crisps, peanuts and cheese 'n onion cobs. These days they sell restauarant type meals; the other stuff is almost just a sideline.
  15. Took 'er indoors on a visit to Newark once. She was hugely impressed by the amount of rubbish bins located on the streets around the town. She now calls it "The town of many bins". We took a look at the market just as it was closing. A fishmonger sold us a huge Megrim for a pound rather than bin it. Result!
  16. My Sanyo 6 transistor radio; haggled from a second-hand shop for a couple of pounds - it has a leathr carrying case and actually works too! One sold on 'Todo Colecctiones' today for €10.
  17. I phoned EE from my landline because I can't get an EE signal indoors. I needed to "Top-up" my pay-as you-go phone and they have stopped issuing vouchers in shops. This called for me to use my credit/debit card via the mobile phone so I complained that I can't top-up unless I'm away from home. The bloke on the other end apologized and gave me an instant £10 free top-up. RESULT!
  18. I did the same with a carburettor the other day, Den. I had stripped and cleaned the carb but the engine didn't quite run right. I thought it might be the governor but then it was working before the carb strip. So I looked it all up on't net and lo! I had put one of the four new gaskets on back-to-front. A quick refit and the job's a gud'n.
  19. At my last job the Centre manager stuck a Victor Meldrew photo on my locker door. I felt that I had finally achieved my vocation in life!
  20. I might try "Rasta" on my next pizza, Nonna. Dreadlock and tomato would go nicely with mozarella.
  21. I can be a right feckin' miserable b'stard when I am faced with the ordeal of having to go to things like weddings or parties. I'm ok with funerals but then...I did work at a busy crematorium in the north of England for some time many years ago.
  22. Faults I have many, here are but a few: 1. I can be mean with money sometimes. eg I will drive for mlles to save a few pence on fuel. 2. I have a tendency to be dictatorial when it comes to garden work. 3. I voted "Leave" in the referendum. 4. I hoard stuff. Came here with one vanload and now have six shedfuls of stuff. 5. I squirrel money away for a "Rainy day" 6. I also store large amounts of tinned food - just in case. I think this comes from my time in Ethiopia where plentiful food was not always available. 7. I hate wearing new clothes. I'm comfor
  23. Some folk are there already! It seems to be mostly those who slouch around wearing jeans that hang around their knees.......
  24. Awaiting delivery of a new "Premier Inn" Hypnos mattress today. This is the fouth different delivery date they have set but not yet managed to deliver.