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  1. Martin Kerry posted on this website and I'm sure he mentioned relatives in the Carlton area.
  2. did you know that the writer Graham Greene (likewise a journalist) was converted to Roman Catholicism in St Barnabas' Cathedral, Derby Road? Yes, but he was on record as having thoroughly hated his time in Nottingham. So best to keep quiet about him!
  3. Most of Dale Farm was sold off in the early 70s for housing. I wonder if the current owners of the land are just happy for it to revert to nature? Not quite big enough for a mosque. I understand the former Co-op opposite the old Rio Cinema is going to become a mosque. How the area has changed in the past twenty years.
  4. I've always known the area, behind the old Manvers School, as The Alps. For some reason the site of the old Dale Farm has been left untouched for over 40 years.
  5. There's a Comery Avenue off Carlton Road just up the hill from the Porchester Road/Cardale Road junction. And I went to school (Jesse Boot) with a Susan Widdowson in the 1960s. She lived on Greenwood Road opposite Colwick Woods playground.
  6. I'm new to the site and noticed a family by the name of Kerry in the Bakersfield area. Any link to the the two Kerry brothers who were at Jesse Boot School in the 1960s? The elder was named Martin and the younger was Nicholas (from memory) and they lived on Dovedale Road.