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  1. Well, yes, but what it refers to there as Dutton's garage is not visible on that photograph, being on Kent Street off to the left. I should add that whatever was there in my day (1960s-1970s) was never a Trent bus garage. Their depot was/is next door to NCT's depot on Parliament Street opposite the ice Stadium. To clarify, that picture shows in order on the left hand side - the Central Market, the entrance to Kent Street, what is apparently called Huntingdon House - and which as you say housed the Trent booking office, also Cappocci's snack bar, Sketchley's and other premises - and
  2. Yes, in that picture the Central Market is immediately to the left. Out of picture to the right is Huntingdon Street bus station.
  3. Another landscape format hardback, published by Venture Publications in 2002. Sparkling colour photos by G. H. F. Atkins with about half the book devoted to the Nottingham and Notts area. I'm sure I remember seeing the photographer on those 1960s summer Saturdays at Huntingdon Street - a middle-aged man in a tweed jacket who used to stand aloof from us teenage bus-spotters (who could blame him?) who seemed to use his camera only rarely. This book may not be easy to find. Front cover of course shows a South Notts Leyland proceeding down Huntingdo
  4. Nottingham City Transport by F. P. Groves. Published by The Transport Publishing Company in 1978. The author was General Manager of NCT. Should be available second hand. The back cover is blank.
  5. An 80-page softback published in 2002. Not sure if it's still in print. Back cover:
  6. The second volume has some marvellous photos and also a chapter on the collieries served by railways in the Leen Valley including maps pf Bestwood, Linby and Annesley. There is also a map of the Bagthorpe Junction area. Published in 2004. Front cover photo is of Basford North: Back cover shows Kirkby South Junction:
  7. When you say we 'all' were part of the audience that's not correct. We in the lower stream 4th forms were not included and had normal lessons while the recording was taken place. In fact I remember looking out of the Woodwork Room window and seeing Kenneth Horne being escorted by 'Albert' (the headmaster) on the way to the hall. In fact, we supposedly less bright pupils weren't even considered for selection for the quiz team. Serve them right they lost! Bah! But it wasn't very nice on the bus the following morning overhearing people saying how useless the school had been when we
  8. Published in 2004. Should be obtainable second hand if it's not still in print. A photo album, most of it covers the Great Central lines. Back cover:
  9. And another in this series of books. Published in 2013. Back cover:
  10. The loco under construction looked like an LMS 8F to me so was probably at Crewe although they were also constructed elsewhere during the war.
  11. This book in the series was published in 2008. Front cover picture is London Road High Level station: Back cover:
  12. Another book in the same series, this one published in 2010. Almost half the book is devoted to scenes from Nottingham and Notts. Front cover picture is of Stamford: Back cover:
  13. A paperback book of 72 pages published in 2008. Full-page photos, with the Annesley to Victoria section taking up about two thirds of the book. Should still be in print. Back cover:
  14. This volume in a series includes three chapters - about 60 pages - on the Notts area. Published by David & Charles in 1973, I think there was a later edition with a different cover design. Should be obtainable second hand. Cover illustration front and back is of Leicester Belgrave Road station.
  15. A more or less A5-size paperback. Published by Countryside Books in 2004. Probably still in print. Only drawback is that it's not printed on glossy paper so some of the photographs are rather murky. Front cover painting shows a B1 leaving Carrington tunnel on the approach to New Basford. Back cover:
  16. Another A5-size booklet - 32 pages. A very good little book, mainly concerning the early days of the various lines. No publication date for it. Back cover:
  17. The second volume in this series. Published in 2009. Front at back cover photos are all of Victoria station.
  18. An ex-London Transport Routemaster - fleet no. RML2545.
  19. An A5-size softback of 40 pages. Published in 2002 but I should think it's still available. Front cover shows an 04 passing Colwick Woods on the line from Grantham. Back cover shows 'Flying Scotsman' approaching Redhill Tunnel near Trent and the 'scrap line' at Annesley.
  20. I think the Evening News finished in 1959. I can just remember it. The Guardian Journal was a daily morning paper and it ceased publication, I think in the early 1970s. If I remember right its demise was blamed by the publisher on strike action by journalists or printers (or both, I forget).
  21. Another of C. T. Goode's books. A5-size softback of 72 pages published in 1984 or 1985. Front cover shows Trent: Back cover:
  22. The Railways of Nottingham by C. T. Goode. Published by the author apparently in 1991 or 1992. An A5-sized paperback of 80 pages. Has plenty of photos and track plans and some interesting bits, not otherwise very distinguished. Back cover shows a couple of period timetables: