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  1. Surely you (Craig) must know Ridley from trent in the 80's. I used to listen to that every Friday night. I still have a few tapes which i recorded from the shows. And ive managed to get quite a few of my favorite tracks on vinyl too from that era. Although a lot of them were limited presses from JA. GUNSHOT! Reggae mix is where its at !! Dylan
  2. OH DON'T GET ME STARTED ON RECORDS! OK THEN... Mine was 'lay your love on me' by Racey 1978 RAK label. I still have it. Long live Vinyl, robs records, bring back arcade records. Sniffadawg
  3. We used to go in the George around 1990 and i was scared to get served by 'Mrs Slocombe' cos she told me off once. Didn't know what i had done but she scared me!! Always came across as a bit abrupt but im sure it was just her way and didn't mean anything. She never took no sh1t off no one. Dylan
  4. Mick, I worked at 'gordon square butchers' on central avenue right next to the test match pub. Between 1989 - 1997. It was a pig of a job!! Dylan
  5. I knew it was peck lane cos i took a girl up there for naughties in 1995 !! SNIFFADAWG
  6. Yes, I noticed this when it first came out and commented on it at the time. Certainly looks like a notts bus. ZIG-a-Zig-AAAHHHH Sniffadawg
  7. I used to know Fred Slack. He used to come to our butchers shop in west bridgeford. My boss knew him quite well. He was certainly a character. Not sure whether he is still alive. This was early 90's. Dylan
  8. Hi to all you 80's dancers and boozers. Anyone who is interested is very welcome to visit and join my new MSN site dedicated to Zhivago's nightclub (under victoria centre) I have posted some pictures of the inside of the club which were kindly given to me by my freind DJ WOODY who used to do the funk/soul room between 1987 - 1989. Zhivago's sadly closed in 1989 but the memories will last with me forever. I had many a drunken night in there. My site is still in its infancy so if anyone has any pictures they would like to put on then feel free. The site is also about 80's pub culture so any