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    From USA - Living In Germany
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    Music - Helping Handicapped People and people less fortunate than myself. I love kids and old people - because children have not yet learned to lie - and old people have nothing to lie about.

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My name is Dave, I'm 57 and love music. I'm between jobs at the moment - when working I help handicapped people - Health care provider, hands on, direct care in the past, looking for a different position, to help this population, so much more. I just figured out that I suffer from ADHAD...Depression is a big part of that.....on it goes....music helps - don't drink or smoke - over-weight - out of shape - but content in my own skin. They say I'm a good writer - I write our Ten Years After - Alvin Lee and other concert reviews for our two websites, and other reviews for concerts I've been to in the last 11 years in Germany. I moved here in 2002 to be with my girl friend Brigitte. Very soon we'll be going our seperate ways but remain friends. Make me an offer that I can't refuse.