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  1. I agree with Stavertongirl regarding students they way they are behaving all over the country. They cannot seriously think they are immune unless they think alcohol kills the virus, if they can't follow the rules where they are living send them home. See if they behave the same in the place where their families live.
  2. To people who complain about about restrictions caused by the tier system try living where I am. One side of the village is tier one other side is tier two and one side has pub's and shops other side nothing I leave you to decide which side I live on.
  3. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments all passed on to Mum. I put nothing on regarding aunties death all I could think about was Mum, they were both widowed within the same year and had done everything together since. As Jill said their resilience is amazing, today regardless of weather we are off to Whitby for fish and chips. Through the night the joke pages even the rather 'mucky' ones thank you all for reminding me how strangers can help xx
  4. Mum and I have today finished our 14 days of isolation we were told we had been near to someone with the virus. I was worried how we would cope with losing my aunt so recently. Mum embraced it as if we were under seige she sent me into our spare room told me what to bring out, so we have put photos in albums some very old, baked using old bero recipes and completed jigsaws. Now we can go out again I realise just how much I can still learn from her so if any of you have to isolate look upon it as a time to reconnect and like us learn a bit more about your family.
  5. Me too Nonna!!!!! as soon as you read the comment hand goes to nose.
  6. Ben, unfortunately we will probably never meet but because of your lovely posts about your exploits work/ladies and numerous other subjects I feel that I know a little about you. Even when you were visiting hospital you kept us all amused take good care of yourself and never stop posting.
  7. Beekay, that is something never considered, I would be constantly checking to see it was still there. Aunties new toy is being delivered today accompanied by a very brave person who is going to show her how to use it.. With both of them wearing masks and any other safety measures needed I could probably sell tickets. If you don't hear from me for a few days I will be hiding in a dark cupboard till I recover.
  8. A lovely thought Lizzie but they would never agree on which way to go. Mum is very agile for her age only using a stick when she is tired. We live on a very steep bank I have nightmares about her free wheeling down to the harbour.
  9. I think I should start a topic called..awkward elderly relatives. For three weeks I have been looking for a larger car to accommodate my aunts heavy wheelchair, when out yesterday we met a family who's mother was using a small motorised wheelchair. Today has been spent selecting and ordering a similar model suppose it's cheaper than a new car. Where's the gin bottle!!!
  10. I should like to go back and stand with my great aunt at the suffragette meeting she attended in Newcastle in 1909.
  11. Aniseed balls with the little black seed? In the middle haven't seen them for years, remember the song.. Aniseed balls are best, good for your belly and chest you don't get many for half a penny but Aniseed Balls are best. Must get out more.
  12. Nonna, my sincerest condolences my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  13. Sorry taken so long to reply I thought I had already done so. Was looking at new and because of price decided I needed help looked at the Land Rover stats and they are not good. Have taken all advice offered about different vehicles and will also look into asking mobility. Whenever I have asked for advice you have all been brilliant.
  14. Bit off topic but need some advice, I need to buy a new car as my aunt has now to use a wheelchair and the car I have at present isn't suitable. I have looked at some cars and would like a jaguar land rover, any advice on suitability would be appreciated, I live on the north Yorkshire coast so need a car to cope with bad weather. All advice will be appreciated. Have listened to sales talk but they just want to sell me a car. Gem
  15. Thank you Nonna, I can't imagine how hard it must be not being able to be with your Mum you can see her but not give the cuddles that make the visit special. Hopefully we will be able to go to Ladies Day I have changed our booking so fingers crossed. Mum puts her longevity to being pickled in gin-her words not mine, she forgets to mention her bedtime whiskey. I passed on your good wishes, thank you. Gem
  16. The virus has curtailed our usual birthday celebrations Mum is a 103 today and we are normally in the north east for the racing, we have done this for nearly 20 years. Her friends have made her day as special as they can and we will celebrate when we can. Her response was if i can't get my hair done I'm going nowhere. Stay safe everyone and be careful if you venture out.
  17. We could put a like as it all turned out the end!!!
  18. Beekay, you are a very talented young man, personally am worse than a child and can't even paint inside the lines. Is painting something you have done all your life or a talent you discovered as you got older. Gem
  19. I came across this topic while browsing through the night have looked at the first one mentioned by Brew. I have years of 'clutter' to me it's essential to others it's boxes of paper. Thanks for the links. Gem
  20. Nonna Its hard enough coping with the situation your mum is in without the added stress of not being given information on how she is. The hardest part must be not being able to give her a cuddle to reassure her that you are there, keeping pushing and demanding information there is no excuse for keeping silent. My two are driving me crazy but they are with me, when I go into their room in the mornings they now say don't ask us how we are ...we are talking. Bless them i think.
  21. Thanks to lockdown we have a new friend.. the Hermes delivery driver!!!! Take care stay safe
  22. We stood outside tonight like many others to show our appreciation for front line services and everything was quiet. I am waiting to see if anyone decides to come and stay in their holiday home, we are all staying in and abiding by the rules so if they do I will report them!!!! Here we are an aging population and that's how we want to stay...aging and marinating. Stay safe. Gem, mum and auntie.
  23. Thank you Jill, hope this will make you smile.... two questions from my oldies, can you panic buy Jamesons and why on earth are people bulk buying toilet roll.
  24. Thank you Jill, hope this will make you smile.... two questions from my oldies, can you panic buy Jamesons and why on earth are people bulk buying toilet roll.
  25. I have not posted for sometime but have popped back to say to you all take very good care of yourselves, live your life as you think best. Maybe when everything is back to normality have a huge meet up xxxxx Gem, Mum and Aunty