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  1. My hobby is dolls houses (12 and counting) like you I buy from china with very little problems prices with free post incredible. Compared with dolls house shops in uk how do they do it !! Mick can you explain "snip tool" please.
  2. Carni, it takes a lot to get me out of "lurker land" but your cakes did it, a talent indeed especially the snowman. I was sorry to read of your health problems, hope you well on the road to recovery.
  3. Hi Carni, just popped in from Lurker Land ( where I spend most of my time) to wish you well and to say I enjoy reading your posts. Keep it up girl x
  4. Lizzzie, going down hill in lace market right hand side, under big archway !!! (according to hubby)
  5. M & S Empress Grey ! unusual taste very refreshing
  6. Hi, I didn't know where to put my comment so if I am in wrong place SORRY ! I was watching the news and on came some footage showing the town square filled with attractions and lots of people enjoying themselves. Lots of people will wish they had the same. Well done Nottingham
  7. Carni, you have made my day ! your comments brought it all back especially having to unpick the stitching on your jeans to get them off Will now rummage in old photos to see what I can find.
  8. Commo I totally agree, what were his teachers thinking ! I am a retired SNT, but when we noticed anything unusual we filled in a comment log which was checked each day. There is to much emphasis now on the stand back and wait and see. There are now a lot of young teachers who do not have the confidence to stand up and demand that something be done and if necessary DO IT. Something to be said for age and experience, but again all that will be done is to have another enquiry how many before they get it right.
  9. Reading bubblewraps post regarding shipstones not tasting the same, as the water will be different. When the brewing of Newcastle Brown Ale was moved from Newcastle to Tadcaster a lot of people said it tasted different and blamed the water.
  10. Fascinator - you need a headband preferably thin you cover with ribbon (wrap around) take a fabric or silk flower fit it into a circle of net and add ostrich feathers. The feather can be bought quite cheaply on ebay. Hope this helps. Put fascinators in your image search engine you should get some ideas.
  11. Pixie, have you considered making fascinators, the bits you need are not expensive and they are easy to make. Maybe call your business "Pixie Dust"
  12. I would like to say "unbelievable" but in this country you can believe it !
  13. Slightly off topic but regarding William Calcraft mentioned in a previous post. In the 1870s Calcraft hanged an ancestor of mine in Durham Prison and by the account made a right mess of it. (Please remember you can not choose your relatives)
  14. Here are two I remember - don't come running to me when you fall and break your leg. stop crying or I will give you something to cry about. Funny that as I can never remember getting smacked.
  15. Hello, this is my first posting. I have enjoyed reading posts so decided to take the plunge and join - so here goes !!! I remember aniseed balls as being on of my favourites my grandmother used to sing this rhyme to me whenever she bought me some. Aniseed balls are best They are good for your belly and chest You don't get many for half a penny But aniseed balls are best.