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  1. Oh I used to go there when I was a student here in the early 80s! Most memorable guests I saw was Nic Jones and Tony Hall (among others I can't really remember.) When I came back to live here 30 years later I had to go root out The News House as I had so many happy memories. As you say, it's like a big screen bar thing now :-( In the 80s there were so many folk clubs! ; This one - NTMC, The Boulevard Hotel, Narrow Boat (was it,) Newcastle Arms, one at that pub bottom Mansfied Rd (Tudor Rose or something.) You could almost go to a folk club any night of the week. There only seems to be Poppy a
  2. WOW - thanks for this info guys. Really, really helpful. Thank you so much.
  3. Did the old ice arena stand where the new one is now? According to Yellow Pages it was on Lower Parliament Street, but doesn't give a number. I only actually went a few times when I lived here in the 80s, so can't remember exactly where we used to go, but I think I remember walking through Hockley, down Goosegate to get to it? If it wasn't where the current one is can anyone give me a current landmark where it stood please?
  4. Brilliant - thanks for this! I thought it was on Shakespeare St, but I read on one of the threads on here it was Peel st, which totally put me off.
  5. Does anyone know where Pennyfeathers used to be, round about 1980? I was studying in the Bonnington Building of the (then) Trent Poly and I know it was only round the corner somewhere. Does anyone know which street it was on. Been to the library today to refresh my memory on some other landmarks in the 1980 Yellow Pages, but forgot to look up Pennyfeathers! Pennyfeathers sold vintage clothing from a very small shop - if anyone could tell me exactly where the shop was I'd be really grateful.
  6. Not velour - velvet - you can't make curtains with knitted fabrics - they will sag or stretch. The velvet fabric could have been polyester or cotton, but definitely woven - not knitted :-)
  7. Thanks Riddo. I don't remember them ever making lace curtains. These were those velvet curtains that were very fashionable in the 80s. I think all the curtains they manufactured were velvet (or at least fabric).
  8. I have recently walked extensively round and round the lace market (Broadway side and Stoney Street side) to see if I recognized where the place might have been ........ where the heck was it, what was the name of the company? I can remember getting up to get the bus from Carrington, and though i have wracked and wracked my brains, I cannot remember the route I took to get to the place. This would have been about 1981 ..... I suppose I'm clutching at straws here, but I really, really need to be able to remember what this company was. I'm almost certain I went up some stairs and the 'factory' w
  9. Ooo I'd love to see the pictures but the link is taking me to something called skydrive and I have to log in. Is there anywhere else I can see the photos. GREAT memories for me!!!
  10. Mmm those names don't ring any bells. I can only remember them making fabric curtains (I had the job of hand sewing hems up! ) :-)
  11. Oh yes agreed! Went to my very first folk club there ..... 30 odd years later I'm still an out and out mad folkie!!!
  12. I used to work at a small curtain factory during the Uni Summer holidays (30 yrs ago). I'm sure the factory was in the Lace Market. I just can't remember what the company was called. Can any one enlighten me? I'd love to be able to remember the name of the company. It was very small. Maybe a dozen to 20 workers.