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  1. Yes it was roughly opposite the top of Huntingdon Street, I was talking to a friend this morning and he thought it might have been "Shine's". The name rings a bell but I'm not sure it was the shops in question.
  2. I recently bought several books in the Scrapbook series compiled by Robert Opie. They are approximately 15ins x 11ins and have around 60 pages depending on the decade selected. The books show photographs of items from the particular decade. As an example The 1960s Scrapbook has photos of tableware, kitchen products, food and drink, chocolates (boxes and bars)ice lollies, sweet cigarettes, cigarette packets, washing and cleaning materials, cosmetics, fashion, dolls, magazine covers, teen publications, album covers, Beatles memorabilia, radios, Coronation Street memorabilia, Radio & T V Time
  3. Let’s take you back to your younger days When there were loads of chip shops but no takeaways You went to Mablethorpe or Skeggy on a day trip At a lot of schools girls wore a gymslip From a bottle of ink your pen you did refill And listened to music on vinyl No car lift to school –you had to walk You didn’t have butter you had Stork You did sums without a calculator Walked up stairs – no escalator At school if you were naughty or didn’t pay attention You got the strap, cane, lines or detention Had blankets and eiderdown – no duvet Monday was always mums’ washday You
  4. darkanza - my apologies I didn't know there was a thread already about superstitions
  5. I was talking with some friends and the subject of superstitions came up and one that I mentioned no one had heard of. Anyway on checking on the internet I found it. It was “if you see an ambulance you must hold your collar until you see a dog”. Have you any ‘strange’ superstitions from your younger years?
  6. On the BBC website it states "The UK government is so concerned it is paying Microsoft £5.5m to extend support for departmental computers using Windows XP, Office 2003 and Exchange 2003 for a further 12 months beyond the 8 April cut-off date." http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-26919673
  7. Thanks - Yes I know Dave Mann's shop is still there as I travel past it regulay
  8. Several people I've spoken to remember them but nobody can recall the name
  9. A few years ago I decided to produce a little brochure to send to friends on their birthday taking them back to their early years and called it The Past In Bits for Old Gits. I included many subjects both local and general, one of which was local cinemas (or picture houses as they were then known). I listed them below and wondered iif anyone can recall any in the Nottingham area that Ive missed. Thanks. ABC Adelphi (Bulwell) - Apollo (Berridge Road) Aspley/Commodore Boulevard Bryon (Hucknall) Capitol Classic Elite Essoldo (Beeston) - Essoldo (Lenton) - Forum Futurist Gaumont Globe
  10. I wonder if anyone can recall 2 second-hand shops (same owner) that used to be on Mansfield Road between the city and Forest Road in the 60s until ????. One was a single fronted shop whereas the other a double windows one. They were on the west side of Mansfield Road. I think one could have been music shop Dave Mann. Thanks for any input.
  11. Thank you for your greetings and comments and look forward in joining in on the ‘conversations’ and posting subjects in the forums.
  12. Hi. I’m one of the many Daves Born in Nottingham, “City of Caves” My early years in Bobbers Mill were spent And to Whitemoor Junior School I went Then Forest Fields Grammar School I did go Back in the years of a fountain pen not biro Photography, music and quizzes on T.V. Reference books and local history appeal to me I hope to contribute to the forum, but meantime Thank you for reading this little rhyme