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  1. Bit late joining this topic, but I remember we used to play outside a certain neighbours house when we knew "Muffin The Mule" was on. Most times he would invite us in to watch it and his wife would give us a drink of lemonade. He was the only one in our street to have a T.V. at the time.
  2. The Fifties had some good music too. I remember going to see Bill Haley and the Comets at the Nottingham Odeon. Also saw Tommy Steele at the Nottingham Empire about 1957.
  3. My first car was a 1936 Austin Ruby. A couple of us bought two for £25.oo when I was in the Navy up in Lossiemouth, Morayshire. We made one good one out of the two. Went well until you had to go up a steep hill with not much fuel in the tank. Then, because it was a gravity feed fuel system you had to go up in reverse. Swapped it later for a cine camera to the Chief Pilot of 738 Squadron who then had it painted in the Squadron colours and was used by the pilots to get from the mess to the dispersal area.
  4. Thanks for the welcome Michael. Pity I didn't know about this site years ago, but never mind I've found it now. i will very much enjoy reading all the posts and subjects. Who knows, I may even find someone who remembers me. I was brought up on Churchfield Lane. i did Google the post code a couple of years ago and the house where I lived has been extended. I intend to drive round there when i come up in a few weeks time just to have a look. I also intend to drive down Knighton Avenue and round the bottom part and up Radford Grove Lane. The reason is that on V.E. day night there was a huge bo
  5. Thank you for the welcome. I'm glad I stumbled on this site. It happene because I booked to come up and look at the old place and bring my wife and granddaughter to show them where I went to school etc. As I said I started at Berridge infants in 1945. That was in the days when you still had to take your gas mask with you! I remember some of the teachers that have been mentioned on here. I remember Mr. Reid being a kind but strict teacher. There was also a Mr. Dougan who taught French but he strangely disappeared suddenly. Remember too "running the gauntlet" I think I got it,ore than most f
  6. Hello there. New member, just found the Web site yesterday. My first job after leaving school was at Boots, Beeston. Worked in various departments both in Beeston and Nottingham (Island Street). Left December 1958 and joined the Royal Navy Feb. 1959.
  7. I was born in March 1940 and attended all three Berridge Road a schools between 1945 and 1955.