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  1. gjs1949

    Nottm bus routes 1940s

    Any idea when the number 32 route to Strelley started? I lived on Denewood Crescent opposite Fircroft avenue in the 60's so I had the choice of the 16, 16A and 32 for my commute to and from town.
  2. My Dad was a games attendant at KGV in the mid to late 60's, everybody called him Jock on account of the Scotts accent he never lost.
  3. gjs1949

    Last gasp - Players factory demolished

    The first job I had when I left the Army in 1971 was with the team commissioning the ventilation system at the Horizon factory, it was a long way down from the equipment floor to the packaging floor, those machines were very big.
  4. gjs1949

    Snow Hill, Nottingham

    Probably, I knew it began with Whit and I couldn't find the article again, (my browser is set to wipe the history when I close)
  5. I have a number of lateral Smitham lines, so as he is not a direct forebear I will have to forego the cost and wait for someone to hopefully make a link.
  6. gjs1949

    Snow Hill, Nottingham

    They do have researchers @ £27:00 and hour, (ouch!)
  7. gjs1949

    Snow Hill, Nottingham

    Thanks, I accessed the newspaper archives through Find My Past, however so far the only article I found was regarding concerns from Strelley residents over their children being moved to the John Player schools in Bilborough, and a proposal to build another school at Whitman(?). I think a trip to the city archives to look at the electoral lists would be the best option, that will also give me the opportunity to tidy up my parents plot one last time.
  8. gjs1949

    Snow Hill, Nottingham

    Thanks I suppose I will have to plan a trip to Nottingham to spend a day at the archives library, I will have to see if I can find one of those £19 a night Travelodge deals to avoid a long drive each way on the same day.
  9. gjs1949

    Snow Hill, Nottingham

    I think most of my forbears are from the parish of St Mary, the places they were living at the times of the various census were: Commerce street, Trumpet street, Cherry place, Lennox street, Meynell street, Coldham street, Stanhope street, Victory Yard off Barker gate and offshoots in Freeth street, Grainger street(where my mother was born) and in Southwell.
  10. gjs1949

    Snow Hill, Nottingham

    Can you give me a url for the archive please. Thanks George
  11. gjs1949

    Snow Hill, Nottingham

    I was under the impression that electoral registers are not publicly available after 1931, a search on Ancestry turned up the 1939 register, and a search on find my past turned up the 1931 voters list. Does anyone know for which years between 1931 & 1939 the voters lists are available and where they can be found? Thanks George
  12. gjs1949

    Snow Hill, Nottingham

    David D & Cliff Ton, Sorry for the tardy reply. Thanks for your responses, I eventually found a map (OS 25 Inch 1892-1914) on the NLS site which showed Snow Hill, along with all the other places my forbears lived in Nottingham between 1850 and 1930, all within a 2 mile radius of Snow Hill. I now have another question: When was the first occupancy of the houses adjacent to the John Player Schools on Beechdale road, Bilborough? I was born at number 54 (on the corner of the junction with HIghwood avenue), my grandparents were listed there in the 1939 register, they were in Woolpack lane in 1925 and Victory yard in 1931 but I have been unable to trace when they moved to number 54, I even tried the Nottingham Council heritage site but they could not provide a definitive answer. I found an article regarding the construction work carried out at the lower end of Beechdale road where it joins Western boulevard but unfortunately it gave no information regarding the completion of the construction work at the top end of Beechdale road. I found a map at NLS, revised 1938 and published 1947, which shows Beechdale road down as far as where the Bilborough bus depot was later sited and where the dual carriageway became a single carriageway, just above Robins wood. Any help would be appreciated Regards George
  13. Hello, Samuel Nicholas Smitham born 23 March 1910 married in 1928 to Hilda Offiler born 14 May 1907 who subsequently married John M. Marriot in 1952 after she and Samuel were divorced. They were living at 18 Claypole road in the 1939 register. Samuel is my grandmother's youngest brother, and I have some information regarding the 9 children Hilda & Samuel had before they divorced. I would like to know if Anthony P. Smitham born 1960 is related to Samuel (I can't upload anything due to the file size limit.) Regards George
  14. Hi, I found this site when searching for an address in Nottingham. I have a scanned copy of a 1912 marriage certificate for George William Smitham & Jane Byron, the problem I'm having is I am unable to find the address the happy couple gave at the time, the marriage took place at St Pauls Church Nottingham and the address given is 7 Snow Hill for both parties. Can any kind soul shed some light on the address. Thanks & Regards George J. Smith