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  1. I've read a lot of the posts and many of my grandad's sayings are mentioned elsewhere but .... I'll go tut foot of our stairs. It's black over Bill's mother's. You're nesh or mardy - never really understood these Going there and back to see how far it is. I'm going down the end (the end of the yard when he wanted a fag (Park Drive of course) Sucker (ice lolly), tuffee (for any sweet) - I was from London so this was alien language to me And one that was totally unfathomable ... Well I never, did you ever see a pig without a blether (maybe he made this one up).
  2. So many earlier recollections on this thread that coincide with mine. I last went to Goose Fair in 1967, the year of flower power. I can remember the cake walk which I fairly ok on. Less confident on the waltzer and downright scared on the big wheel. The steam boats were not too bad, provided you didn't grab a seat at the end which, of course, I made the mistake of doing. Never been one for too much danger me - prefer to stay with the dodgems and flat ground. The old steam engines that provided the power for some of the rides were great as were the large organs (ooh matron!). Candy floss on a stick and I too can remember buying a small bell to show I was into the hippy scene. The smells and sounds are really what I loved most. Happy days!
  3. I thought that the Olympics was marvellous despite the green diving pool and the threats of Zika virus etc. So many moments to be proud of our athletes and yes, I agree, they are not heroes just very good at their sport. Yes, it costs an awful lot of money to fund their efforts but I would rather it was spent on targeted sporting success than frittered away on other dubious art and culture projects. Debatable I know! i also think that they should be permanently based in Greece, the home of the Olympics, which would mean cutting down on the astronomic expense for the host country. Every country that can afford it would contribute to its cost in Greece. My moments - Mo Farah's face at the end of the 10,000 metres (bewilderment.), Colombian weightlifter Oscar Figueroa winning gold and retiring (sinking to his knees, kissing the weights, leaving his shoes by the weights and sobbing), the sportsmanship of the US woman 5,000 metres athlete who stopped to help a New Zealand athlete when she fell, Dan Walker's late night commentary from Copacabana Beach (full of silly but interesting interludes). I thought that the BBC coverage was excellent. Particular praise to Brendan Foster and Steve Cram in the athletics plus Michael Johnson who is first rate. In the rugby sevens, Sir Clive Woodward, Eddie Butler and John Inverdale and in the rowing, Sirs Steve Redgrave, Matthew Pinsent and James Cracknell. Not forgetting the ladies, I thought that Gaby Logan and Hazel Irvine were brilliant. Just my views! Use of English - will someone please, please tell our athletes and commentators that to 'medal' and to 'podium' are not real verbs. I even heard an esteemed rowing coach mention that one of his rowers had 'boated'. I think that was around about the time that I was 'dinnering'. Overall though, brilliant. Thankfully we now have the football and rugby and the remnants of the cricket season to look forward to.
  4. Thanks Jill - it is such a small World! I just loved the smell of the beer from the pub at that age. The summers always seemed so sunny and dry compared to today and the evenings on the swings were memorable. PS. Credit to Cliff Ton for the Picture the Past website and to Paulus for starting this thread.
  5. Thanks Benjamin and apologies for the delay in replying. It is great that you remember my grandad and you are correct about his smartness. Always remember his grey suit, braces and clean shirt for work and his shock of white hair. He would have been around 45 years older than you and just leaving as you were starting. I do remember well him having an after-work drink at the Beechdale. To continue the Aspley Farrands theme, my Nan (Alice) and Uncle Brian (still with us and 79 years old) both also worked in the shop. Nan in the shop serving and my uncle as an errand boy but before your time. Around Farrands, there were a row of shops selling an assortment of things from cakes to bicycles - so interesting compared and providing well for the locals. I always remember the 'beer off' on the corner of Melbourne Rd where I would shop for crisps to eat whilst warptching the early Coronation Streets with Nan and Grandad. Ena Sharples, Martha Longhurst, Minnie Caldwell et al were relatively new to our screens when I watched in the early 60s. i have a list of the names of these shops from my uncle if people are interested. Weekend treat was to either walk or get the bus down to the Wheatsheaf (now sadly closed I have seen recently) and sit outside on the swings whilst Mum, Nan and Grandad were inside drinking Shipston's beer. We would be drinking ginger beer and having a great time on the swings. Sometimes we would be lucky and get some chips from the fish and chip shop behind the Wheatsheaf. Cat fan - My uncles both played cricket for Trentham Cricket Club and frequently at King George V playing field. I remember the pavilion mentioned earlier by you so maybe we were there at the same time! My Uncle Brian also used to play football for Aspley Wanderers so if anyone recalls either of these teams (cricket or football) please let me know and I will pass on any information to my uncle. Benjamin1945 - i have spent an age looking at the website 'Picture the Past' that you mentioned in a post long ago. So interesting and brings back tons of memories! I looked at Sutton in Ashfileld where a lot of my distant relatives lived and which I used to visit as a child. 120 or more pages of 8 photos each but many of areas I remember in the 1960s. The Aspley ones showed photos of William Crane school which my mother attended from the age of 10 in 1935. There were photos from 1936 so I was hoping to see her - alas I couldn't recognise her but so interesting. So thanks for pointing me in that direction. Sadly Mum passed away last year so I am unable to share these memories with her. I spoke with my uncle last night and mentioned this wonderful site and the photo website. He doesn't have a computer but is coming to stay with me next month. We will spend many a happy hour trawling the threads and photos. i have lots of other memories which I shall share soon. Love to you all.
  6. Thanks for the welcome - much appreciated. I will post some other memories over the next few days and see if they strike some chords with you.
  7. Hello there. I am new to this thread and feel a little like an intruder to this site as I was born in London, living in Bristol/Bath area now. My grandparents used to live at 385 Aspley Lane when my grandad was the manager of Farrands which was at that location. My mum and uncles lived there for many years. I used to spend 3 weeks every August holiday from school there and have great memories of the store and of Nottingham. Someone else has mentioned the smells of the store with their hams and cheeses.They also mentioned the biscuit tins that were displayed at an angle to present them to the customers. I remember these things distinctly. There was a store yard at the back of the shop and a hatch that led into my Nan's kitchen which I used to enjoy crawling through - if only I could do that now! we used to visit King George's park up the road to watch my uncles play cricket and would also go to Melbourne Park to play on the swings. I remember the shunting yards for the train from Babbingtin (Cinderford) colliery - the lines always seemed wonky as thoughtlessness had got to them. My uncle remembers the train crossing Melbourne Road with a man holding a flag to ensure pedestrians were OK. One for Benjamin1945 - my grandfather's name and manager of this Farrands was Joe Dove and he retired in the late 1960s. He used to carry out store audits after retirement and I vaguely recall that he may have done these with one or two other men, one of whom may have been Bob Vaughan. Please let me know if you recall him. Happy to share other stories. Loads of other memories from my childhood of the area and Nottingham which I can share if others are interested. I am 65 now so these memories would be from around 1960 to 1969. Thanks.