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    My wife Pat, Family and friends, photography and video, Caravan holidays, Vintage transport, computers, local history where ever we are, and (since the 1960s) family history, fair weather gardening, cooking, reading crime or humour, saucy seaside postcards, simple DIY, anything that grabs my attention on the television

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  1. Trying to protect the ladies from the horrors in my case!
  2. They appear to be VERY discerning ladies. so I will show the utmost respect.
  3. I cannot disagree with that comment, and thanks for the welcome.
  4. When we lived Darn Sarf, there was a legend that Ladies out numbered men in Nottinghamshire in the ratio of ten to one! and so far ladies the forum is living up to thelegend! Wonderful situation.
  5. Thanks for the welcome, and the skeletons are the best part of ancestry!
  6. Thanks for the welcome,from what sounds like a posh area of the US, I bet you miss sunny Nottinghamshire! We loved our visit to the US, probably not as posh an area as your location sounds. BUt to us, Oklahoma was a fantastic experience.
  7. Thank you for the welcome, as expected for the area!! I will eventually post a photo of an excavation job in a notorious Bristol cemetary (Arnos Vale). (not too deep!) WE are still discovering our area, we were working for most of the time we have been here, but now retired we do what we darn well feel like, but always on the go! If swbo said tomorrow lets go, the caravan would be on the road before she finished speaking.Catherals,abbeys etc are all on the bucket list!
  8. Well Guys, My wife and I moved here to Mansfield in 2004, from Darn Sarf, bit of a con job really, our oldest thought we would be handy to babysit if we lived closer, so we did!! then they emmigrated to Australia. WE love life here, have great neighbours many, now friends and part of an aging but fairly vibrant community. We enjoy family history, my wife is a Londoner with roots in London and Wiltshire and since we arrived here connections to the east midlands and points north.(and east!) I am from Oxfordshire, and my parentage is Welsh(ish) on my father's side and Irish o