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  1. I was there from April 1972- July 1974. I remember Mrs Sherriff with her scholls
  2. I eft in 1983 and those were the same houses used when it closed
  3. That honour board is now in St Marys Church at Lace Market
  4. Mundella closed in 1984 after being open for 98 years and merged with Roland Green to become Wilford Meadows which has since subsequently shut and reopened as Nottingham Emmanuel school. The site was on Colygate road and faced the meadows playing fields. In the late 80s the school was demolished with the exception of the former school library, the site was turned into housing and the library is now the Meadows Muslim Centre. Beckett school was across the river near Roland Green, and that too has been demolished and rebuilt and now shares the site next to Nottingham Emmanuel Sch
  5. I believe it was on the corner of Ryeland Crescent and Mayfield Grove if the info from my mum is correct as it was family that ran it
  6. It was an impressive building the archetecture was imposing and very Victoria but still exceptionally solidly built. Such a pity it was demolished and sold to building firm who created matchbox sized houses
  7. I started Trent Bridge Juniors in 1974 by then it was a mixed school I was in 1P First & second years were in the front building on Green Street and the third & fourth years in the building behind. The buildings were separated from the old boys school which seemed like an old dumping ground for stuff from the council and other schools
  8. When you say the honours board do you mean the war memorial board as that in the back of St Marys church in Lace Market The Great War - Old Boys Memorial by Lamar Francois, on Flickr
  9. That would be Trent Bridge Boys school where my dad went that closed a long time ago. There were two Trent Bridge schools right next door to each other. The one closer to the playing fields was the old Boys school which became virtually a warehouse for the council and the other was thejunior school. both sites were cleared to make way for a carbon free housing area.
  10. Trent Bridge was a Junior school I went there before I went to Mundella. I understand that the school became Trent Bridge Primary and Nursery School I believe it closed around 2003 and the buildings demolished in 2005 Both Mundella and Emmanuel had pupils from the age of 11 Trent Bridge was not merged with Wilford Meadows, I believe it was Arkwright Junior and Meadows Primary that were eventually merged with Trent Bridge Juniors.
  11. I went to Mundella in the last years I left in 1983. In 1975 the school became a comprehensive. The year I started there were only 4 years of pupils, the fifth year were the last of grammar school pupils, Basically what happened was in the early eighties a number of schools within Nottingham were merged and 3 new schools were created. In Mundella's case in 1984 it was merged with Roland Green across the river and became Wilford Meadows for a couple of years. All pupils transferred to the Wilford site and the Mundella building was closed and demolished. a housing development was