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  1. Hi Trevor, Geoff Thornhill was a very keen footballer, played for the Deering school team, along with Bob Bonser, Ronald Rudge and Bill Readman. Geoff also played for Clifton Colts, as I recall. He lived in Waterway Terrace I think, and he had relatives on both sides. The Boyle,s I think, were his cousin's, was their a Margaret Boyle? Ronald Rudge lived in Kinglake Street, and we lived just round the corner in Wilford Road, in the sweet shop next to Haywards. Can't recall you're brother's name. Ask him if he remembers Rainford Higgins, a real stand out guy and good athlete. Or
  2. Hi Trevor, just noticed your communication about paper rounds at Tomlinsons. When I was there, which would have been 1961, we had designated rounds, mine was the long one, morning and evening, plus collecting money on a Saturday morning, all for 11bob. I left Deering in 1962 and their was a guy called Dave Pipes, who lived in Traffic Street,bin my class. Mike.
  3. That's the one! Great photo. I remember going to school one foggy morning, probably 1961, approaching that junction, on Wilford Road, could just make out the bus at the stop, which was nearer Traffic Street, so we started to run for it, across that junction,, unfortunately I hadn't noticed the tow rope between the cars waiting to turn, tripped over it, headlong on to the bumper of a bubble car that had just come round the corner, got up straight away, and managed to catch the bus. Of course my mates pointed out the inch and a half gash above my right eye. So we carried on to school, and
  4. We used to get Park Drive 9 1/2d for 5, 10 for 1/6, or toupenny fags from Tomlinson's. I remember a bit further down the road was the Imperial, which was unused and derelict. Any idea when it closed? Can't remember the name of the pub on the corner of Waterway Street, was it the Railway? Had mates in that street, remember the beeroff half way down with draught mild on tap, and the wives getting the evenings supply in tin jugs with a tea towel covering it. Also the street bonfires, where someone would bring an old tin bath along to bake the spuds in. Mike.
  5. Don't recall any of those names, but they would all be 7 years younger, but remember the chip shop which was 2or3 doors down from us, next door was Haywards, which was a newsagents and tobacconist, then the other side was a double fronted hardware shop I think, then the chip shop, which I remember did a lunch time 1/6d special, fish chips and peas with bread and butter followed by apple pie and custard and a cup of tea. I think their was a bakery along there as well. I had a paper round at the shop on the corner of Traffic Street, Tomlinson's I think. Thinking about it one of the
  6. Hi, just come across this site, so I thought I,d give it a try. I left Deering in 1962 still at the tender age of 14. We lived in Wilford Road in a sweet shop. I used to either cycle to school or go on the trolley bus at the cost of 1penny. Jake Preston was the head, good at wielding the strap when you were caught smoking. Chaplain was deputy, Vera Brown geography Miss Trafford history Mr Stanley maths, Mrs Pinder music, Mrs Radcliff English, Lance Wright had just replaced Harry Eccles for PE, art was Colloluca. I used to hang around with Geoff Thornhill, Ronald Rudge, Neil Stone, who