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  1. I believe the map data different people on here actually own, right? I don't think that particular stuff is online... is it? As for photos, I think it takes perseverance and knowing your area. Knowing cross streets, or major buildings as references, and searching them in a Google image search, and then altering some settings in the Image Search, such as showing only Black & White pictures and such. I can sometimes find what I'm looking for, other times is trawling for additional data, or using a forum like this since I'm not intimately familiar with the area to know what land
  2. Wow! That is great! Thank you Cliffton! What a resource. I'm sure my ancestors drank at those establishments! :-)
  3. Thank you! How were you able to determine that? Did you find something somewhere that showed where it was, or just process of elimination?
  4. Thank you Cliffton, that is great! Is that the Baptist Burial across the road? I understand that's now below a Casino from another thread I read?
  5. Hello wonderful Map people! :-) Wondering if anyone has a map that shows Exchange Court on Mount Street? It was there in 1906... not sure how long before or after it might have existed.
  6. Thank you for that. I imagine that they were on or off Denman, as the address would state: 1 Manchester Cottages at Denman St. But doing some searches online, I've found nothing at all. Must have been short lived.
  7. My 2x Great Grandparents & my Great Grandma lived at 356 Denman Street... and I only just realized that my Great Grandfathers brother (on the other side of the family) lived in the Manchester Cottages on/off Denman Street. Does anyone know where the Manchester cottages would have been? This info is from the 1911 Census... plus newspaper articles when one family member or the other was in trouble with the police. The census results go up to #20 Manchester Cottages, then onto #49 Denman Street.
  8. I know this is an old thread and in the "50's Nottingham"... wondering if anyone might know (or know of someone) that worked for DG Taxi's in 74/75 with the last name of Clark? I know, really vague, saying that he went by "Nobby" doesn't help for a Clark. Just taking long shots at this point. :-)
  9. Ah, Brother! Ok... well, it's all stuff I heard when I was small, so surprised I remembered any of it to be honest. :-)
  10. Thanks for that! I have some old letters somewhere that he'd received from the union to "introduce" him to the Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers when he moved to Canada and letters of recommendation. I'll have to get that box out and see. I know when he worked at Saxondale Hospital, he was stabbed by a patient while he was working up a ladder... wish I'd have thought to ask about that one too. lol
  11. I had read somewhere else through here about Cavco Construction or something, asking about the name. I imagine it's named after Gordon's son, who I had always heard as of "Cav". Not sure what it was short for, or if it was just Cav.
  12. Sorry to jump in on an old post... but yeah, I think it was Gordon Pickering that owned it. My Dad was a Manager at the Savoy. Years and years later (in the 90's), while working as a manager at a small steakhouse in a small town in the California desert, he heard a voice he thought he recognized but couldn't place. He went out to the table, and it was a lady that worked for him at the Savoy in the early 70's. Small world sometimes.
  13. Not sure where to post pics of people of Nottingham, vs roads, buildings, etc... I don't have much info on these pictures as my Grandad passed in 2012, and never asked about any of them for further info. First is a Cricket Team, for some reason I have noted somewhere as Furs Electric (possibly). After WW2, he briefly worked for an Electric Company in Nottingham, before getting a job as an Electrician at Saxondale Hospital where he worked for 10 years before emigrating to Canada. Grandad is 1st row center. Next picture, I have NO IDEA what it's for, from, who t
  14. Ah sorry, I got lost and thought this was the test picture posting thread. Oops.
  15. Thanks Fly2! Well, those are just areas we personally lived, the families are from all over. Basford/Old Basford, Sneinton, Radford, Lenton... my 3x Gt Grandad lived on Commerce St and have spent a lot of time reading about him and that area on the British Newspaper Archive... he was in trouble, a lot. As it seems were quite a few different family members, have found some interesting stories.
  16. Thanks Jill! No, no Sarah Savage's yet. I have a few on a disconnected part of my tree (from the 1850's)... discovered I had made a wrong turn somewhere and had a bad line but kept it around for some other possible connection since I'd spent so much time on it! lol
  17. Hello all, What a wonderful site! Have been looking around for a few days trying some searches, loving what I'm seeing & finding. I'm only briefly from Nottingham, but my family has strong roots there, which is why I'm here for my genealogy/research. My parents lived in Arnold off Woodside Dr before I was born, then moved to Woodthorpe on Wensley Rd for a few years before they bought the Cottage Restaurant in Kegworth. Around 80/81 we moved to Norfolk, about 20 miles from Norwich, then emigrated to the US in 89 to live near my grandparents (also from Nottingham). Main