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  1. I used to live in Bosworth Terrace so we were near as damn it real neighbours. Perhaps you might remember the Fryer family who I think lived in Osman Terrace? The old poem "What do they make at Hozene"? It was on fire more often than not. Poor old Mr Lambert with his bull dog, Keeling's beer off Days newsagent, Clara's chip shop and never forgotten The Clifton pub. Also do you remember the Toobys who lived down the yard next to the wood works where Redgates used to keep their pop wagons?
  2. HIya Cliff Ton Thanks for pointing me in the right directions. As a newcomer here it is taking some time to get to know all the various postings and threads. Hope I don't appear boring by bringing up threads which have been on the forum for a long time. There is so much on this great site to take in so I hope you and the rest of posters will be patient lol. I read the thread about the Santa Fe and remembered an old work mate of mine called Steve " Spud" Tainton who was known as The Blue Beat Boy by our West Indian mates as he had a fantastic collection of ska and reggae. Thanks again Cliff - appreciated.
  3. Redbowen, Burtons were a part of the Fine Fare group way before the 80's.They were in the Council House shops and also had a branch in Southwell. They were serviced by the Fine Fare depot in Hucknall at Broomhill Park McFisheries were where Wetherspoons are now located opposite slab square. Does anyone remember the shops on Wilford Road in the Meadows. Astles fruit and veg, Battersby's shoe repairs, Aucklands butchers near the doctors surgery, Fords next to a mini supermarket called Bellwood Discount, Vernons supermarket, Doyles news agents, Simmons pot shop with the cheeky innuendoes in the window,Toulsons the pork butchers, Boots, Dewhursts, the shoe shop next to Boots, Clays sweet shop, Marsdens,Meadow Dairy - cant remember any more at the moment, can anybody add any more? All your mam's shopping in one go
  4. Reading this brought a big smile to my face. Absolutely brilliant ! We have friends from France who speak perfect and I mean perfect English, but when I (especially after a few drinkpoos) drop into Nottinghamese, they do not understand a word and have to ask the other half to translate.
  5. I think that the perception of what might be classed as "the roughest area of Nottingham" depends on your own personal experience in each and every particular area. I lived in the Meadows (Briar Street) right up until I was 21, and left in 1971 to a council flat in Hyson Green flats (Castle Walk) and had a wonderful experience of caring parents ( dad died when I was 11) and neighbours who were always there in times of need. There were certain families that you KNEW you did not go against or upset, but if you kept your nose clean and behaved then you were part of a bigger protected family, and woe betide any outsider coming in and creating problems. There was a defined order and that made me feel safe. TBI has mentioned his experiences in N Ireland during the troubles and I can relate to some of his comments, having also worked in the Republic and the North during the troubles. Having worked in the Republic in the past, particularly Dublin, the worst area by far and away was an area called Ballymun in North Dublin. If you want a glimpse of North Dublin watch the fantastic film "The Commitments" especially where the young guy is taking his horse up the lift in the high rise flats. You know, despite us saying this area was bad and that area was worse, I love this city and its people and when I was working abroad I could not wait to get back.
  6. TBI there were many poorer kids there when I was there and some felt the same as I did .Perhaps it was the rebellious side of me coming to the fore lol. I had a massive crush on a girl in my form called Hilary but her pop was an accountant and she was not so interested in the son of a manual worker from the Meadows working at Raleigh, even though he had been a fire fighter right through the war. But hey ho, life has been good to me so I don't regret my decision and everything I and my good lady have is due not to anyone else but ourselves. Ashton was a bit peculiar that sums him up. When a customer in WB would ask for some obscure product like lambs tongues in Aspic he would order a case and it would sit on the shelves for ages - bearing in mind that Burtons of Smithy Row as well as Fortnum and Mason were all part of the same group as Fine Fare. The one branch I forgot to mention was Sherwood (which is now Wilko's). I was working there in 71 and used the travel agent ZES Worldwide Travel over the road to book a trip to Venice for us both so that was 71-72. We very often go for a drive to the Embankment to have a walk and I always drive past what is left of Mundella and it brings memories which are not all bad. St Faith's church next door was where my sis got married in 54 ( I was too little and disruptive to be taken lol) and they used to have a youth club called the Santa Fe - anyone remember? Beekay - SPD - Speedy Prompt Deliveries if I recall correctly? I remember filling those blinkin freezers without any gloves!! If you had your mitts on my X rays keep the results safe
  7. Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes! There was a small branch on Arkwright Street, but I never got to that one. The Central Avenue store was managed by Mr Ashton when I was there and yes he was a bit of an old grump. Jim the Assistant Manager was also at Radford Road when Terry Brooks was the Manager. He did indeed go on to manage Alfreton Road before moving nearer to home to manage the Eastwood store. The biggest grump I remember was Mr Bowler at Wollaton - he used to get a siesta every afternoon in the office! That was until the butchers deliberately dropped a metal tray or two!Good old days. I was at Mundella from 62 until 66 when I walked out after having had enough of the elitist attitude of some kids who thought we poor kids should not be there.
  8. Thanks for the welcome fly2. I really look forward to sharing memories not only of the Meadows but memories of this wonderful city.
  9. Hi all from a not so young newby! Just found this great forum for all from Nottingham. Just joined and have enjoyed reading so many posts. I was born in the Meadows (Briar Street) and went to Bosworth Road Primary and then dare I say Mundella,. Spend half my time in Nottingham and the other half in Spain where we have a place. Have wonderful memories of the Meadows and its people, places and especially the great feeling of community, which sadly, seems to be missing today. Here's a bit of a memory jerker for some of you. I worked at various FINE FARE branches in Nottingham - do any of you remember or worked at Fine Fare the old advertising line was " Fine Fare - we're on your side" Branches I worked were Radford Road, Clifton, Wollaton, West Bridgford and Alfreton Road. Also wonderful memories of Wilford Road, all the old boozers, The Embankment and many more places .