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Has anyone else noticed that The Lost Weekend on Huntingdon Street has opened up again?

It has a new name though, it's called 'Breeze Club' now.

I had some fantastic nights in that place about 12 years ago. I remember one Saturday night, a queue going right round the corner into Union Road.

I never thought anyone would take it on again after being unused for years.

I don't think it will be anything like it used to be though, I think the new owners are aiming mainly at student nights.

Funny, isn't it, how it seems only students can afford to go out every night!

Did anyone else go to the Lost Weekend back in the day?

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I was going to ask the same?

When Did Babels start and end.

It was THE place around 1978.

Somewhere I have the membership card, amongst many others :)

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I used to go when it was neither Micheal Isaacs or Babel, wasn't it called Zacs for a bit too ?

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Was it also the Lost Weekend or was it somewhere else?

Also did Z+K also take over the Parkside Club on Station Street? Later taken over by Alan & Margaret from the Arriba Club?

Trying to think of the name, and the name before they took it over?

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The Parkside was definately taken over by Zak or Kurt (I think it was after they fell out!) Alan and Margaret had it after them (circa 1994/5/6) , prior to moving up to St James Street. I worked there (DJ) for a bit for both of them .

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Aha! that's interesting. Well it may have done occasional gay nights but it certainly wasn't on Saturdays.

I think there's sometimes a bit of confusion between the name of a club and the name of a night which someone puts on at a club.

Sometmes if a certain night becomes very popular, people tend to quote the name of it rather than the correct name of the venue.

I only knew it as the Lost Weekend and I'm guessing it would have been 10 - 12 years ago.

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I'm pretty sure it wasn't Micheal Isaacs when I went there in the early mid 90s I'm not 100% but I reckon it was Zaks then. I am trying to get hold of a mate of mine who'll put us right (He was manager then)

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