Ye Olde Trent Bridge

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:ph34r: Hi this is my first post and i thought that you would like to see this old postcard photo of Trent Bridge. I bet some of you will tell me what that building is at the end of the bridge on the left hand side, to me it looks as if it's a cinema or a dance hall.... :ph34r:



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Hi Black Ice..

The building is The Palace Theatre, it was open from September 1927 to December 1931. It re-opened as the Plaza cinema in May 1932. The Plaza was open until March 1942..and was demolished in 1955... this is the info from


I remember the Plaza in its latter days prior to demolition, but am a bit too young to have ever paid it a visit.

BTW.. welcom to TB forums.


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I think the boat clubs were a little further down to the left.

The Brit, The Boat, and The Union, looking from left to right.

Unless the were originally part of the Palace Theatre?

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It's called looking after the public, and warrants the cost involved. We certainly don't want any terrorist attacks or any unsavoury incidents in our fair city.

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If it was for safety wonder why it's not used for Forest games? At full time the crowd always spills into to inside lane over Trent Bridge? Maybe it's just to stop folk loosing there wing mirrors? 

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