Bankfield Farm, Bramcote Hills, Moor Farm

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Old Maps show a Bankfield Farm on Bramcote Hills (now Bankfield Drive).

Does anyone have a photo of this Farm?

I also notice two footpaths from the site of the Bramcote Hills School one to Bankfield Farm and one to Deddington Plantation. I am trying to trace the exact line of these paths .

also if you walk along Deddington now you come to a footpath to Moor Farm alongside the northern boundary of the disused Golf Course and the hedge there must be 300 years old.

Does anyone have a photo of The Moor Farm??

There a Planning Application lodged to build on the old Golf Course and alter the Green Belt which allow building on the school site and on Bramcote Moor.

I would urge all local people to raise objections with Broxtowe Borough Council who have conveniently rescheduled the next Planning Meeting until after the election.

I would urge all local residents to ask their prospective local candidates what their stance is on both the Planning Application and Green Belt alteration before they cast their votes on May 7

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We've discussed some of this in the thread about the origin's of Moor Lane cut-through.

I used to go down this lane a lot because I delivered newspapers to Moor Farm and White House Farm and I also went to Moor Farm Inn later on. This was about '67.

There was definitely a footpath down from Bramcote Tech down the hill and onto Moor Lane which you then crossed over to the footpath by the side of White House farmhouse. This walk eventually led you to Thoresby Road.

The problem now is that all those houses have been built where White House Farm used to be (Kilburn Close etc ?) so that footpath got swallowed up.

It's a pity that Streetview stops at this point.

There are photo's of Moor Farm Inn (mostly farm buildings anyway). Have a look on Picture the Past.

As regards Bankfield Farm, this was totally taken up by the Bramcote Hills Estate developed in the 50's. I lived very close to Bankfield Drive in Cranston Road.

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"the state and the country houses in Nottinghamshire" is an e site which gives fantastic details of many of our old estates and houses.

Later in the document it contains a photograph of Bankfield Farm, probably taken from Cow Lane looking NE in the early part of the 20th century.

It also well documents the break up of the Bramcote Hills estate

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