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Only just got round to reading posts on the site. Wifi very sporadic on site these past few weeks. Hope your property survived the night Nonna with no ensuing problems from the storm.

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Re #21. Is there any remote chance that you could actually sue the person / company responsible Lizzie?

Under normal circumstances I would never advocate such action, as the claim scenario has got ridiculous over the years, but in this instance I sincerely believe that you would be totally justified. Any idea what others in the complex / area are planning?

Even if substantial damages are paid out, it can never replace treasured items and memories. Best of luck to everyone in the vicinity.

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Thankyou everyone for being concerned. Every thing is ok. It wasn't as bad as the weather forecast expected I think they'd been talking to Michael Fish. Woke up this morning to find lovely blue sky with the odd black cloud. "The calm after the storm" At least this morning we can see the mountains and I actually saw a rainbow.

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