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Hello Clair,,your Dad was my cousin then,,Doris being my mams sister,,big family the Jacksons,,so are the booths,, 

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Only on Nottstalgia...........

Yes i know that are my much i could relate to you.......about your lovely family......and mine,.....last saw your Mam and Dad in Bulwell Coop..............daft as it

It's like one of those family reunited programmes on telly, great result. Seems to me Ben that you've inherited your innate sense of style from Grandad Jackson, but I doubt that he would have been an

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Can't begin to work out how many relatives i have...especially just in Bulwell..........must be near on 200.......probably walk past many of them without knowing.........All began when Grandad ..William Jackson wooed Mary Musgrave (Grandma) about 1910..........

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I've had evidence of a different kind. I sent a PM to an old school mate who hasn't posted or visited in 4 years. I thought it was fairly hopeless but it triggered an email and he contacted me.  I can't see my PMs but they trigger an email into my junk folder, so I can access them that way. This has only occurred since the downgrade!

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hi I’m Laura booth David booth daughter he had 10 children and daughter Beverly from another woman he had John Jamie Jake and Hayley Claire myself Jake Anna Hayley Kerry David booth married  Ann Marie aertssen  


I want to find more family 

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