Professor Stephen Hawking R.I.P

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The brilliant physicist Professor Stephen Hawking has sadly passed away today aged 76.

All that post on "Black Holes" on here will be deeply saddened by his passing.

He was one of a few scientists that explained high level theories in a way that was understandable to us mere mortals and his book "A brief history of time" was a revelation to me and I urge that all who have any interest in physics read it.

If there is a god then there are sure to be some interesting discussions tonight.

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Colly will be distraught! Can't say I agree with many of Hawking's theories but I certainly admire the way he battled a crippling and incurable physical disability, not allowing it to get in the way of his work.

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A sad loss, whatever  his views were. I never understood any of his theories, but a likeable man nevertheless. RIP.

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