The yellow van of Mapperley is going to come for you

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Well that's what we used to sing as kids in the 1960s, but here is a link to a film about Mapperley Hospital in the 1930s.

The City was proud of its mental health provision under Dr McMillan, years before the NHS, and I have to say that it looks far more desirable than the care (or lack of it) in the community.


Mapperley Hospital in the 1930s


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Quite possible that my dad is in that film as he’d qualified as a mental health nurse in 1936 and, apart from being in the army 1938-1946, spent all his working life at Mapperley, retiring in the mid 1970s.


By all accounts, Duncan McMillan still walks the corridors as a number of people claim to have seen him.

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As a child, I recall going to Mapperley Hospital several times to take part in a dancing display. My ballet teacher, I think, knew someone who worked there and once a year she organised a performance of various types of dance.  I remember vividly walking down the long corridors with my mum. The place put the fear of God into me.

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