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Welcome Robert, (Rob Bob?)

I'm sure youl soon be meeting up with people you knew.

Look forward to seeing you posts in the general forums.


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Regarding various posts about teachers, the ones I remember, fondly or not, from 1970-75 in no particular order are: Mr Laughton or Lawton (?) - A P.E. Teacher with a Comb-Over & a size 12 Dunlo

As usual I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but the names you have so far are correct. The other David (the bottle collector) was David Hamilton - he also got on Blue Peter with his collection.

Not Guilty.

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the period bell in my time used be in last room on the left on top corridor, back of the room at top of bookshelves, it was then Mr Heathcote's room, in my opinion the school's best teacher, one of the kids used to ring it and there was often a scrum to get those 2 seats in that corner! Anyone recall a welsh gym teacher? used to tell us war stories, inc the time he "wrestled a gorilla! course us daft 12 yo's believed him! Does Anyone remember the Annexe on Hamilton Road?

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I knew Austin, in fact, one Saturday afternoon just before I went on air at Trent, he called about something to do with an investigation, if you didnt know, he became a detective in the police force.

Anyway, Darren Fletcher, who is now on 5 Live, had previously told me about how he was a bad boy years before becoming a sports journo, and it involved stealing hub caps.

Basically I got Austin to pretend he was investigating this, and set Daz up!

The "investigation" came to a sudden end when I burst out laughing, but you should have seen Daz's face, it was a picture!

Mind you, he did get me back, but thats another story.

As for our Cooper driving teacher, he was the gym teacher, and was Scottish, and took no nonsense! (did I put his name in an earlier post?)

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Come on guys, surely one or two more of you went to Claremont?

I said that a long time ago about Ellis...only got one reply from a guy two years senior to me....shame, when I first came on here I thought more would recall the school and the years I was there, but no......

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I was at Claremont Bilateral School or as it became known as Claremont Comprehensive School between 1970 and 1975. I was Claremont when the school moved to the premises on Berridge Road, Forest Fields (the building that had, and still has, an uncanny resemblance to Colditz Castle, the infamous World War II prisoner of war camp).

In the previous replies mention has been made of Mr Eric Dibb. Mr Eric Dibb or "Dibby" was my form master in my third year. As a first year pupil I remember seeing Mr Dibb for the first time. As I remember, hearing his voice, which resonated like a Regimental Sergeant Major and having the body to go with it, I have to say scared me to death. However, I have to say, I built up a healthy respect for this fellow as he was a photographer and a member of the Nottingham Historical Film Unit and like was a keen local historian.

Of my years at Claremont, my form master's were Mr Martin Perry, the music teacher Mr Edward Stevenson, as mentioned Mr Eric Dibb, the historian Mr Milne and the public school and Oxford Don, Mr David Turner. The other teachers I remember were Mr Boyd Chapman, Mr Macpherson, the arts teacher Mr Garfield, the science master Mr Capper and the geography teachers Mr Bruce Howarth and Rodney Hurst. Then there was Mr Christopher Archer, who taught history and Mr Reg Leaf who taught commerce. In my first year I remember a Mr Salter who in earlier years taught my brother-in-law at Mansfield Technical School. Also in my first year I was taught by Mr Green on a subject given the title of "Modern Studies". The other teachers I remember are the geography and also P.E. teacher, Mr Alan Carr. Also teaching P.E. was Mr Lawton and later Mr Jones. In metalwork there was Mr Shooter and Mr Price followed by Mr Bell for woodwork. Mention too must be also made of Mr Wheatley who took it upon himself to cane the whole school year I was in, as we had the temerity walk inside the school building before the school whistle was blown -- how naughty of us! In later years, there was the maths and science teacher Mr Eric Bird, who also taught sailing along with another science teacher Mr Keest. Finally, mentioned must be also made of Mr Kerry, the deputy head, who later became headmaster after Mr Jack Aram left to take over the headship of Glaisdale Comprehensive School. This was followed by Mr Burton, who at one time was a boxing coach, who became deputy head under Mr Kerry.

Finally, can anyone remember the school building on fire during 1974. I believe it caught fire as a consequence of the school television blowing up and setting alight to the blackout curtains in the main hall.....Wally AKA P. R. Swift

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Welcome Wally!

You have reminded me of a few names that Id forgotten in that post.

Did it still have the Sherwood annexe? I ask as the head, (or whatever his title actually was), at Sherwood was Mr Burton, and Ill assume it was the same man.

The memories come flooding back with those forgotten names!

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In my first reply to this forum I said that Mr Salter was the teacher who taught my brother-in-law at Mansfield Technical School. This is an error on my behalf, it was in fact Mr Slater whom I remember in my first year at Claremont. However, the other teachers I do remember are the French-Canadian born teacher Mr Marcel Hewden, who taught technical drawing. The other teacher who taught technical drawing and also religious education and was also an accomplished musician was Mr Roger Aldred. Mr Aldred was also an experienced mountaineer who taught me to rock climb.

However, in answer to the question as to whether the Sherwood Annex on Perry Road was still open. By the time I started at Claremont the Sherwood Annex was closed and had moved to the premises, which the whole school eventually moved to, on Berridge Road, the former Forest Fields grammar school premises.



AKA P. R. Swift

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Remember walking to Shewood then back to Forest Fields,Mr Dibb and climbing the stairs to watch films and his roar if you were late,we had the film Ice Station Zebra in the hall (still one of my favorite films),being lined up in front of the whole school for letting off stink bombs in the bike sheds,oh and the three rulers on the back of the hand in maths.Great days,still have my class photo in Black and White,will get it scanned and post it so you can help me with the names... !rotfl!

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BLIMEY! I think that was my form, except for whatever reason I was not in the pic.....mind you I did miss a bit of school every now and then!

So, if I am not mistaken, some of the lads there, Steven Farmery sitting left of the teacher,as you look at the pic, the blonde lad behind the teacher is David ? Lancaster, the tall lad with the grumpy face was Canadian, Bruin was his surname, can't remember his first,and I reckon the lad at the top left was Stefan Dollar,I think the black lad on the back row in glasses was called Bernard, but I cant remember if that was his first or last name, I do recall certain teachers pronouncing it the American way, Bern_Ard the rest of the boys look so familiar, but I'm damned if I can remember any more names, and even the ones I have mentioned may be wrong!

The Beatles had certainly influenced hair styles at this time, and I remember getting the cane off Jack (Aram) because my hair was half an inch too long over my collar!

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I think Craig needs some specs! :)

There's only one name I can give you and that is 2nd row from the top, 4th from the left is Nigel Gibson - I'm still in touch with him and his brother, in fact they both came to the Gaffa gig on Saturday.

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