Broadmarsh - Greyfriar Gate

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Found a map of what the road layout will be when they've finished messing around with everything.

Collin Street will be pedestrianised and Canal Street will be downgraded; traffic will have to go along London Road, Queen's Road, Waterway Street, and Wilford Road (Follow the purple line)


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#29 How do you get to Fletcher gate car park?

Good question. That is the council official map and I didn't crop any, so they don't show the car park. The only way I can see is via High Pavement, or coming in through the complicated bits of the Lace Market.

And the entrance to Broad Marsh car park is obviously going to be moved in some way.

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Yes, it appears High Pavement would be the only way to get to Fletcher Gate car park, unless the fiddly bits and their priorites were changed quite a lot. As regards Broadmarsh car park, the map suggests the entrance would be where the buses currently enter the bus station.

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Regarding fletcher gate car park, when there is something on at the arena, the car park is always well used, it is a nightmare to get out off due too how busy it is, I can't see that amount of traffic going through the lace market. Stoney street car park is the same.

You will use the tram.

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