An interesting 10 minute read.

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Found it to be a bit more than ten minutes, but well worth the effort.

Hard to imagine Nottingham as she portrayed it. We tend to be creatures of our own time and find it hard to imagine a day when something we grew up with eg. Arkright street did not even exist.

Looks like there is also so much more on that site that I will be going back for.

Thanks for posting it.


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Sorry but I gave up five minutes into reading it there were to many long words which I didn’t understand and of those I did I thought they weren’t necessary.

Am I the only one who couldn’t make head nor tail of what was written, personally I reckon I could have put it better, at least what I write all can understand even if there are a few spelling mistakes to challenge the more concerning of my readership.

Reading the first five minutes was like finding ones way through thick fog.

Unless there is an audible version on CD I won’t be going back, besides my head hurts..

PS...ten minutes you say?


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The diary was written at a time when people were educated in proper schools by proper teachers in an age without computers ,TV, and all the rest of the modern crap.

If you find it difficult to read I suggest you ring Jeremy Kyle and try to get on his moron programme to argue your corner.

You say people can understand your posts....only because they feel sorry for you and take the time to interpret your Katie Price version of the English language.The "more concerning of your readership" I take it is meant to say "Discerning" If you are incapable of using and reading our language properly I suggest you keep your gob shut and stop making yourself look a laughing stock.

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Ayup PB,

Very interesting read, thats what nostalgia (Nottstalgia) is all about, a fondness for our heritage/history


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