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  1. Pete C

    Ainsley Estate

    Ha ha no stick to the wine it's more fun. Pete c
  2. Pete C

    Ainsley Estate

    Didn't notice Radford Boy put Jackson Katyjay!...think he was replying to me...hope so! Pete c
  3. Pete C

    Ainsley Estate

    Don't recall anyone called Barks...people that lived in our house before us were the Monks family.
  4. Pete C

    Ainsley Estate

    Pat Crowley and her sister Ann lived next door to us...think we moved in to number 63 in 1960/61 so would have been there when you were..I had an older sister Sylvia who was best friends with Sandra Talbot...also had a younger brother Andy...I left school in July 1964...would love to see any photos you have.
  5. Pete C

    Ainsley Estate

    Hi Radford I wasnt a plumber but the lad next door was..Tony Bentley...he had younger brother and sister Michael and Susan..think you moved out not long after we moved in..I remember the Brodells...the Crowleys who lived next door..the Scales..Palethorpes..Wagstaffs...Talbots..Morleys..Blatherwickes..Pates..Jansons..Dudleys.
  6. Been listening to Radio Caroline on 648 not a bad signal picking it up on my old grundig radio plus its pretty good on my car radio but its just carrying the main Caroline internet service..the format is album tracks mainly rock so not really my thing..they do have a Caroline Flashback service which I prefer at least when they can be arsed to have a DJ on..continuous music without anyone speaking is boring..Roger Day does a good show at 4pm weekdays and Ron Brown also on Sunday at 10pm..sorry Caroline..53 years to get a licence..would have hoped for something a bit better and more entertaining
  7. Pete C

    Ainsley Estate

    Thanks FLY2...was a long time ago I guess it must have been Tim then not Lindsey!
  8. Pete C

    Ainsley Estate

    Hi Nigel...I remember you..used to go to Forest games with you and your old man..sometimes your Pete would come too...last time I remember seeing you was at Villa Park when Forest were away..must have been late 70's..hope you are keeping well mate.
  9. Pete C

    Ainsley Estate

    I remember Lindsey Dale who lived there..think she had a brother who's name was also Lindsey but spelt differently maybe Lynsey or could have been the other way round.
  10. Pete C

    Ainsley Estate

    Hi..not been on here for some time!..I remember John Dudley..lived next door but one..I was at 63...think the Dudley family had a dog called Rex.....remember John riding a motorbike for GPO Telegrams. Pete C
  11. Vespa G-O-N-E....................looking for a new one Pete C.............
  12. Heaven Must Have Sent You...The Elgins......playing it safe today!!!!!!! Pete C................
  13. No Craig....would I really do!!!....I have recently got The Complete Motown Singles...Eleven volumes!..hundreds of motown tracks a lot I'd never heard before... Pete C..........
  14. Head Over Heels In Love With You Baby...Detroit Spinners pete c....looking for a vespa